Admission according to pumping order,The first northern military school also encounters these transformation of the second-generation robot dog first.,They act more and simple,Several people don’t have guns directly,Whole performance on the spot chip。Like Rosau, grabbing the second generation robot dog,I have been smashing it,Again the chip,The last shot。
Even the technician who is unwillingness to be bored with Zuo Luo,Also calm than the imagination。
The instructors of the central control room are not particularly surprised.,The North Military Academy is very close to the north of the North.,Only ten kilometers less,Out of walking is a border line。
These military school students are more familiar with the second-generation robot dogs than other military academies.,They have seen truly powerful second-generation robot dogs。
And the first military school is more displayed in the way the second-generation robot dog……Work closely,Especially the cooperation of Zuo Luo Huan and Ji.,Rao is Kang Fei to see them,The cooperation of these two is simply a seamless。
Zuo Luoho does not even have to exchange eyes,I can know what she is thinking.。The cooperation between the snow and Jianghong is also getofficial and cooked.。Unfortunately,There was a team member who was seriously injured in the first military school.。
In fact, no matter how often these four teams go,Which route is going,Will meet the second generation robot dog。Once the entry,The host will be based on the position of the team,Start the second-generation robot dog attack them。
on the hill,Ding Wushen is fascinating, looking at the sky,Unconcious,Too much blood,Whole person is cold,Facial pale。
Wait until everyone puts those second generation robot dogs,Come over and check when he wounded,Ding Wushen is difficult to open:“I……is not it……Go to death……NS?”
“It should not die。”Zuo Luoyuan is around him,Unlock clothes,Next, it is handed over to hemostatic agents.,“What restrictions should those second-generation robot dogs?,Otherwise, the knife will directly break your throat.。”
“……Feel sorry。”Ding Wusu is trying to open your eyes,“I、Don’t……To retire,I can stick。”
first round,Team is a whole,No player out of the option,Either you go out。
“Don’t have a fever。”Zuo Luo Huan and Combined together with help him bandage wound,“Next, we have to resist you to the secret base.。”
NS 37 chapter(What is this pixel?.)
Ding Wushen blood loss too much, The hurt at the chest is not,The whole person is groggy,Almost lose consciousness。It is also because of the injury on his chest,Causes Yan Yose can’t carry him, Can only build a simple stretcher by Qianmao to help, Carried by Yan Yan and Jianghong。
They can’t afford time, You can’t give up the retired, Can only speed up as much as possible。
Before, Zuo Luoho more thanks:“How to get next?You say the route again,We change your location。”
She deliberately went to the world,Open the wrist’s photographed map, Ding Wushen Blood is dyed, Focused about the taste of the sinking wood。
OtheralphaPheromones, Combined, it never likes someone else ‘s pixels.,But he didn’t show it out.,Side face,Reach out,Take a line on the Zuo Luohuan Mark Map。
“Ding Wushen injured, Can’t afford to bump,We change a road。”Oki’s finger tip,Stop in a valley low, “Here has a small stream, The front mountain that has been flowing to the secret base, We can walk along the road。”
“waterway?Second generation robot dog is not afraid of water,If you enter the water, After the energy block of the light gun is used,They only lose。”Zuo Luoyuan statement, Lip glory into a straight line of coming,Do not move the sound,The arm of the blood of Dtingwu Ming is in the bottom of the wind。
Yishen shook his head:“The advantage of walking mountain road is not big,Better of water is better for us,Ding Wusun takes at least two or three days,I can hurt can be better.。”
“good。”Zuo Luoyuan reached out to turn a photographed,Turning your face looked at the coming next to the coming,Originally straight lips are not happy,Because I finish,Lip slightly。
Sometimes Zuo Luo will have an illusion,The true coming is more soft than usual.。
“team leader,We are ready。”Yan Yan shouted,He and Jianghong one person lift a stretcher,Ding Wusim has been completely fainting。
“Let it go。”Zuo Luo Hand holds the light gun,Take the lead in the front,If you come to Ji, change to the last side。
Mountain in the mountain,In addition to the renovation of the trial session, second generation robot dog,What is the beast completely relying entirely in a team?。Zuo Luohuan is in front of it to clear the threat of the front in the fastest speed.。
A topalpha,Not only is not only pheromone suppression,There is absolute strength。
Zuo Luo Huan Road,And everyone kicks a hundred meters,Sweep all threats in front,When coming to the coming,Often only see a mess,Occasionally beast corpse。
The first day went to the sky,In addition to the beginning of the beginning,It’s just like a exercise.。
“We arrived at the stream。”Jiang Hong heard the sound of the far away。
A group of people walked over,I found that Zuo Luo has waited in front.,It is good for fire.。
“be careful。”Qian Mao runs past,Find a right place,Let Yan Yan and Jianghong put Ding Wushen,“Slow down slow。”
Guan Xue reached out and touched the forehead of Ding Wushen:“He seems to be a little fever。”
“Feed some medicine to eat。”Qianmao turned out the medicine in medical bags,Carefully observe his chest,“Fortunately, I didn’t hurt.。”
Yan Yan and Jianghong put down the stretcher,I started building a sleeping place,They have no tents in their hands,Can only borrow the stone of the stream,Pile up a place where a windshield is sleeping。