“You are not like a Lord of Lingbao。”Lin Feng suddenly:“You must have something to hit me.。”
I have experienced this cooperation.,He is a bit a little about the people of Sandao.,This guy is very thick。
If he said, he said that some baby,Then he also believes,After all, there are a few Lingbao.,Lingbao this thing is available in the city。
But I don’t believe it now.,Sandao people directly take out a value of the Tower of Xuanhuang Tower,He is not lacking at all,Can’t brave a dangerous stealing grave。
“What you said is good,Tomb,What do you go to the tomb of the Night Emperor??According to my judgment you,More than one three streams。”At this time, the voice of the greedy saint also sounded:“This is a human figure.,I am falling.,He is the saint,But there is no condensation,Can you know the emperor,That is, it is later condensed into the emperor’s mark.,His position,As long as the grave is moving,I am afraid I will jump out a few saints.。”
“I rubbed,Lack people,You are pulling me to jump.!”
Lin Feng http://www.bigdress.cn heard this sentence,Unique,Fortunately, I have not promised this thing in time.,Otherwise, even if the hydrogen bomb is not necessarily awkward.,For example, the younger brother has no misconductor。
Sandao people heard a smile:“How much you imagined?,However, there is a good thing in the tomb of this nile.。”
“All right,You don’t have to say something。”Lin Feng directly interrupted the words of Santao people:“How about this,Waiting for me to arrange a war plan,About things that do not have a tomb,I hope to be a ring for war programs.。”
“A good boy,I am waiting for you to arrange,But time can’t drag too long。”Sandao people directly。
“At least let me promote a big realm again。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“it is good,Greedy Palace is temporarily handed over,Boy,Greedy,Step by step first。”Sandao people are walking http://www.scpsc88.cn towards the void,The next moment of disappearing is no trace.。
Lin Feng’s eyes hope to the distant southern region,His figure is also walking to the void disappeared.。
Bloody city,Night blood rushing,Evil breath,The moon of the sky is for blood color,Strange,One of the mountains outside the bloody city is filled with a powerful breath。
A head of the teeth zombie standing on the ground,Foot foot has 10,000 zombies,These zombies are also the realm of the four days of God.,God is not a lot of strong strong people,These zombies are divided into four forces。
This is the four zombie forces in Daming Imperialism,I rarely not in the eyes of the world.,Generally hidden in a cold area secret practice。
This time, the demon night song lights visit one by one.,And promise a lot of conditions,Please ask these zombie http://www.afgrd.cn forces to the bloody city.。
Every piece of power is around a leader-level person,This leader-level person has reached the level of evil spirits.。
These zombie groups will demon night songs,Iron hand is surrounded by the center,A double eye is green。
“Boy,Not to say that there are countless bodies and flesh??Where?”A zombie leader in the South is burly,tall,Carrying explosive power,Holding an ax in hands,Wear a beastpot。
This zombie is a stone goggle,It is a magical practice in his life.。
“good,Boy,Are you confused??”Western Zombie Leader Measurement,This is a thin man dressed in a book.,Hand holding a folding fan,This person is named Su Xiu,It is a Confucian tribeer before.。
“Boy,You know about deceiving our end?Deceive us,We can take your flesh and blood a few mouthfuls.。”A zombie leader in the north is also cold laughing,This is a figure,Charming charming young woman,Her eyes and ordinary people are not different,Wind rhyme。
Young woman is known as Dongfangxing,Music, the three of the Eastern Family,exist500During the war of the war,500Wake up the time of the year,Hard repair to this realm。
“Three seniors,We certainly don’t dare to deceive you.。”Monster night laugh:“Just these resources have mastered in the hands of the city,Now the city owner has not returned,So everything is waiting for the return of the city。”
“But we have been waiting for a long time.。”Oriental star stars tend to laugh:“You won’t deceive us.?”
“We don’t have this courage。
”Monster night laugh:“Allocate,Waiting for a few days,This blood monthly is very advantageous for the practice.。”
“Our patience limited,All right,Give them a little bitter,Let’s go back.。”Just at this time, the zombie leader in the east is faint.,This is also a woman,Just this woman cold frost。
Be cold,Let the Buddha, a peerless assassin,Wearing a black dress,Glamorous,Holding a long gun in his hand。
This female name is Night Mount,It is the descendants of the nation’s night home,500Miss at night before the year,500During the war of the war,Resurrection with zombie。
Night like a song,Iron hand and other four people heard words.。
“Boy,excuse me,Although you can’t suck your blood,I have to give you a little lesson.。”Stone gun laughs,He smiled and went up.。
His hand began to become bigger,That is the same as the stone,Enclude this void,Directly catch the night like a song,Iron hand and other four people。
“Seniors and slow,Our city owner is already in return。”Just at this time, the voice of Yishan King was coming over.,His figure urgently rushed here。
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