Han Jiang thought,World snake ravens in the sky touches the city kept a group of children,But six months ago, when he took Qi Yana quiet Lan Daier order to escape the bombing of a bubble world,Triggered a wave of movement is not a small tsunami。
See a disaster in so close,Raven has not taken away the children?
Or,This is their legacy traces,People have evacuated the city sky。
Five hundred and thirty first chapter Locals
“In the past。”
Qi Yana has come to a wooden bridge over there,Hanjiang only hear the sound,Qi Yana do not know when they could get rid of the problems so bold。
“Water vapor in the sky of the city contains a large number of collapse and can no erosion of how much wood,It seems a long time is not built。”
The wooden bridge can not keep Qi Yana curiosity,She walked down the wooden bridge across,Looking ahead a bit,He turned and beckoned for Hanjiang。
“Han Jiang,Come on,Look over there。”
The terrain here is higher,Many buildings are exposed part,And then move forward is the number of buildings connected together to form the walls of the sky。
Endless level building,The accumulation of years of dust and dirt on the roof become,To the hardy weed to survive a。
There is a clear path man on the roof,The rough floor paved ramp that extends to unknown areas。
“We do not want to look at how we like it?”Qi Yana look forward http://www.maruiqi.cn to watching his face Hanjiang,Very much like to look past search。
“But our task is to find a special place ah can react collapse,On the map can not identify the specific direction can react collapse。”
Qi Yana eyeball a turn,Not brazenly defied orders sub-Ji,But this is difficult to not hurt Qiana’s little smart.。
“You are not saying,This road is a recent repair,Maybe in that place live,Can we ask if the local people are not just good??”
Hanjiang speechless look at Qiana,Do not understand Qi Yana is not willing to consider,Still is really stupid,Estimate is the former。
After the large-scale collapse of Changye City,The people who have a destiny will arrange the female martial arts and combat team to evacuate local residents.。
Here is not far from the East Branch,Way to do things with Santa Feria,Don’t save http://www.rkhvk.cn everyone,According to the common sense, the current long-term“Locals”,About equal。
The children who have adopted it here are no more than sixteen years old.,When I broke out the third collapse, I may not be around.,And the rescue player missed the left here.。
After all, it is a metropolis with 30 million people.,I want to go out with a person.,Only ideal。
“Let it go,Let’s take a look.,In case there, I suddenly broke out special collapses.,Don’t we find it??”
Hanjiang pointed in Qi Ya’s head,Laugh:“You are smart。”
“Otherwise?”Qi Yana will smile,Han Jiang said so,That will definitely go see。
In fact, even if you don’t say,Han Jiang also wants to see。
Exploring the special collapse can explode anything,Han Jiang did not put it in your heart,He knows that the next law cannot be born in the long-air market.。
If Full is not evacuated,Han Jiang is also a bit restless,After all, I have created a tsunami.,I hope that the children are nothing.。
“Go out!”
Walking along the road,A collapse beast has not encountered an activity range that is no longer collapsed.,Otherwise, you can’t walk such a significant trace.。
John is ten minutes of time to see a vague image.“door”building,This is obviously the later built。
The upper layer is a simple house,There is a slightly narrow hole.。
“Let’s go in and see!”Qi Yanara’s arm of Hanjiang,Toward“Hole”Gone。
After passing through the hole is a relatively wide platform,The surrounding houses with simple rooms have been built,There is a bunch of debris before each simple house.。
Some smaller children have fun together,Several aged children sorted useful things in a bunch of debris in the middle。
“Here is a child!”Qi Yana looked at the Hanjiang,Then ran in the past。
Seeing two strange outsiders came to the residential area,Children immediately ran to the nearest room。