Wang Youdao chased him to the yard before he caught up with Wang Youcai,He lowered his voice and said:“I have something to talk to you”
“sure!Come to my room!”Wang Youcai said he opened the door of his room。Because he and Yao Chunni are not married yet,So I live separately for now。
After the two brothers sat down,Wang Youdao took a breath and said:“Hu Huiru is very scheming,。Do things with her,You have to pay attention。Don’t be sold by her,You also helped him count the money”
“You seem to have told me this!”Wang Youcai said impatiently。
Wang Youdao sighed and said:“You must always keep this in mind。If she calculates,Then everything is too late”
“I know。She won’t let me participate in her major events,I don’t want to participate these two。Didn’t I open a small clinic now?!Etc. accumulated certain funds and experience,I opened a private hospital in Pingdu。Talk to him Xia Jian”
Wang Youcai said happily。But when it comes to Xia Jian,His brows frowned again。
Wang Youdao,Can’t help laughing:“brothers!You dare to think。Opening a private hospital is not so easy,and also,You and Xia Jian are still fighting?Not listening to my parents,Is your relationship going well now??
“Is there anything I dare not think about,There are in other cities,I’ll be the first in our city。In addition,When did the fight with Lao Xia stop?。He Xia Jian despised our old Wang family,I still don’t look at him!“Wang Youcai is filled with indignation,Speak loudly。
Wang Youdao stood up,He laughed and said:“From now on, you have to be careful。What did you do in Pingdu City did not respond well。Disband if it doesn’t work!It’s better to do your legitimate business”
What Wang Youdao said,Wang Youcai couldn’t help being surprised,It seems that everything he did in Pingdu,His second brother in the provincial capital knows everything。
When Wang Youdao is gone,Wang Youcai began to think about these things。It seems his second brother is not in Pingdu,But Pingdu also has his eyeliner。this means,He still hasn’t forgotten Pingdu,Ready to come back to work anytime。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai was happy。If 2nd Brother really came to work in Pingdu,,Wang Youcai is not the beneficiary。Thinking about this good thing,Wang Youcai fell asleep unconsciously。
Second in the morning,Until someone is talking in the yard,Wang Youcai opened his eyes。He saw it was late,And got up quickly。
Yard,Wang Degui is playing with his one-year-old grandson。Grandpa and grandson are having fun。Wang Youdao is standing by and watching his wife,They seem extremely laid back。
In the kitchen,Yao Chunni and my mother Chen Yueqin are busy making breakfast。Working together,While still chatting,Feel very kind。
suddenly,Wang Youcai’s machine rang,He hurriedly opened it,Doctor Lu was calling。Wang Youcai connected without saying anything。Dr. Lu’s low voice came from the phone:“Boss Wang!I have a sales representative who sells drugs,I feel it’s ok,Did you come over and meet them?”