Today’s meter,Only before Tyrui Na Na,I want to find a child to save,But this research institute is too large,There is no way to find children in the Qing Dynasty and Meiqin.,More decent,There is no one in the study,Even the tongue can’t catch,Without any choice,Only let the first spring use her computer capabilities to crack the password of the base,Then I find out the children.,fine,The degree of the first spring is still very fast。
“Protection is very firm”The eyes of the first spring are tightly staring at the screen,It’s a confident color on your face.,“but,What to encounter my words”
“Indeed‘Guardian’Woolen cloth。”Look at this scene,Sakui can’t help but laugh,“It seems that there is a special operation.。”
“People’s Guardian God is to protect the computer is not good to be invaded by hackers.。”Qing Palace can’t help but turn over the eyes,“What are you??It is clear that it is not good.?”
“How to protect,Naturally, I know where the protection of the protective procedure is.。”did not expect,Sudiang Zhenzhen said the word opening,At the same time, smile,“So say,This kind of thing is handed over to early spring is the most reliable.!”
“Have!”At this moment,The first spring suddenly called,Attracted everyone’s attention,Let everyone get closer。
“The bottom of this building,There is a large amount of power to use an abnormality。”The first spring is staring at the screen,Hurriedly said,“The floor of the building has a heat insulating layer and a resistant layer,Only by computer can find,No wonder, the school sister and the Qing Dynasty, the second school, did not feel there.!”
“Since this”Qing Qingli slowly,狠,“Let it go!”
“Um。”Look at each other,Meiqin took the lead,Follow the palace,then,The first spring and the spring students and others left the control room.,Follow the Qing Down to advance。
After everyone left,The gate of the control room was originally closed again.,I came in a black figure,Black coat,White eagle,the difference is,Look at it carefully,Can be obvious,This time came from the past,Exquisite,Obviously a woman。
“This is the source base of that plan.。”Mage,“Wood original illusion is good or bad to his granddaughter??But it is cheaper.。”
“I will not lose this time.。”
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The bottom of the research institute。
Underground with high distances such as more than ten layers,Mountain Spring is a moment of seeing a seat like a closure of the closure of the closure.,The whole person is loose.。
“found it。”She caressing with the glass between her own and the children,Face reveals a soft softness,It seems that all of her faces have disappeared in front of her face.,Blooming a gentle light,“Finally found。”
“Spring students!”This head in the glass wall,What happened in the early spring,Flush,Come to a same machine,Take your own glass cover,“Spring students!Wake up!”
“This is”The Qing Palace noticed,Spring is alsoarThe person brought it here.,I can’t help but pick the eyebrows.。
Is this child that Tyrui Isna is used to conduct an absolute power to evolve the experiment??In his mind, he couldn’t help but remember the scene of the child.。
Although it is said that the relationship with this girl is not deep,I didn’t even say a few words even.,But then the girl bite food while biting food.,I still remember my own expression while I am excited.,That kind of innocent smile,It was once myself and the children were very desired.!
What absolute power, Qing Palace, has always adhered to this experiment of the woody family.,1eve1 6The level is now in this degree, I have no understanding of this extent.,How can it be a researchers who have nothing to do with these companies??
Ten thousand steps,Even the experiment of the woody family is really successful.,That called“Capability”I really can turn the spring on the spring.1eve1 6,How can they guarantee that the spring behind the spring will not take them to die.?
Or,They are just the so-called power,Even if you create an unconscious beast, it doesn’t matter.?The Qing Dynasty couldn’t help but clam the fist。
“The system here”The first spring brow is tightly wrinkled。“not here!”
“I am going outside.!”Skye,I hurriedly ran up to the outside.。
“Is it still in the previous control room??”Looking at the departure of Sakan,The hearts of the Qing Dynasty are slightly sinking.,A disturbed feeling fiercely poured from the heart。
He feels that he seems to forget what。
Earthly,Perceived end,Dramatic fluctuations suddenly come,Let the Qing Palace have grown up their eyes!
“careful!”Qingguang shouted,At the same time, the body and orange gold suddenly mastered,A high heat gas with a touch of orange gold is directly to the entrance they enter before.!
‘Heat sword’!