Spatial blur,Spring disappeared here。
Then he appeared in the god tree instantly.。
“Forehead,So fast”Spring hasn’t feeled yet.。
“thank you”
“Here is my child,My consciousness can always appear here.”
The big tube is like knowing what Quan is thinking.,Tangible。
“Good one here,Very lively,I don’t want to go”
It was originally because of loneliness,Only the big campaign,Although it was cut by people
“You don’t go,I am walking”
Spring is instantly disappeared here。
“Even in the world,Is him created?,Stay here is also good”
Brilliant night:“????”
Quan Yu has appeared in his own palace。
“Spring!You are finally back”Huizi will flush directly。 “Isn’t it told you?,I am very strong.,Don’t worry”Spring smiles。
“I am not worried.!”Huizi。
“I have a good news to tell you.,I am pregnant”
“Why are you not happy?”Huizi seeing the face of the spring is a bit strange。
“No no,You should rest more when you are pregnant.,I still have something to be busy.,Wait to accompany you”Spring smiles。
He can feel the vitality of Huizi’s belly,But。。。。
“Oh!”Huizi is strange to see a spring,Then left。
Square response is somewhat wrong,Shouldn’t be so calm!
After the Huizi leaves。
“I want to kill you.。。。。”Spring is still can’t suppress,Directly disappeared here。
“Forehead”Huizi in the distance。
It turned out that Quan Yi killed more,Some depressed,No wonder is so flat,Huizi thinks。
The final spring is coming back.,This child is really your own,Not a tree。
After the Quanqi, I wanted to find a big tube wood to find it.,It’s okay now.。