A kind of,Violation of moral feelings in my heart。She will meet with Gao Bao in the dream,Do some bold things,It is intimate and outsiders.。
Just Gao Baoyi saw her now,I am really afraid that there are other people to come here.,Then I saw this scene and thought that Hig Gang was with this beautiful woman.。That is like it.,People have husbands!
“gone,In the future,Convergence。You are not so lucky every time.,It is not easy to make a woman in chaos.。”
Gao Baoyi said that the words were saying,Then give Sanlang to the beauty who bits the lips.,Escape the general slippery。
He left later,The beauty still looked at the direction he left.。
At this moment,Rely on Sanlang, Silang, whispering on the door,Silang’s Ai is like a frightened rabbit.。
“Ais,Some people can’t think。If the second uncle is not married in the beginning of the year,Brother, I have to spell the old life, I have to send Gao Bao to your cave.,Ha ha ha ha。”
Silang, who is drinking, does it really,Actually, I started to play his sister.。
“Humph,What are you talking about?,Torn your mouth again。”
Silang’s Ama drums stepped on his feet.,Take the skirt into the house.,Just how much the pace is better than before。
“Ugh,That is the husband of I left.,Sorry, Azha,In fact, I can help you with Cuiro and,But who makes you and I am not a mother?,I promised my mother to take care of Ruiying.。”
Silang’s sigh,Garda entered the government。
Gao Boyi naturally doesn’t know that Sanlang Azun dream will dream of him.,But even if you know, you will be respectful.。Who is dying this kind of thing?,Gao Boyi feels that his life is more important than the lower body.。
Going back to Jia Gao Bo Yi Happy sleeping。
Spring sleep is not,Wonderful birds everywhere。I am awakening is the sky of Malaysia.,Actually someone came to the door.!
Soap,Long sword,Medium body,Calmless face,Steady pace,Simple bun。Gao Bi stands in front of a normal middle-aged person who is unique to no longer。
The old board is not shocked。
“I have seen you a few times.,I don’t know how to call it.?”Gao http://www.jgyynk.cn Bao’s testicity,Because this person is the middle-aged person around the day.,Bring a team of rage base from the West Wei。
“Call me Liu Gong.,Fortunately,Your Majesty let me say hello to you.。”
This is called Liu Gong’s unambiguous laugh.,I can’t see any emotions。But Gao Bi seems to feel that the other party has such a little goodwill.。
“In the future, you have an urgent matter,You can find true jade monk to Tianping Temple near the North Palace of Yibei City.,You have to give him something to him.。”
Actually so confidential?It seems that the ocean is coming.,It seems that it can only be hard my scalp.。
Gao Boi microphone:“I will try to write a show in these two days.。”
Liu Gong looked around the yard.,Light sigh,The facial expression is then gentle,Pat the Gao Baoyi’s shoulder:“Although you can’t get http://www.jialitao.cn back home,But this is not your father’s intention.,I hope you don’t hate him.。”
This guy knows what!
Gao Boyi nodded,Did you send Liu Gong out of your face,Heart five flavors。
He will fall to this step today,Gao Dezheng, the slag, at least half of the responsibility!If there is a soul of a later generation through“Genuine”Gao Bao Yi,This child is still boring.。
To say that there is no complaint in Gao Baoyi,How can it be!
Just in the form is more than people。