In again, it is playing in the printed mark.,Thoroughly accept the pagoda。
Numbers of merits。
Linglong Pagoda flourif,Beginning to enter the deep and difficult transformation。
Sound of the sky, Xuanhuang Tower, if。
Tiandi Xuanhuang Tower is also known as the first Dao Jun body in the fairyland。
Pagoda appears,Although it is not the true body of the king,But representing the recognition of Su Chen。This is self-evident.、Alliance。
Description Taojun,Silent station to Su Chen this side。 Su Chen does not like the treasure tower,Happy support for Xuanhuang Daojun。
NS250chapter Invasion
A lonely cliff,Shi monkey sits alone on the cliff,Blood red cloak,Can’t say lonely、Proud。
This is the monkey that is hard to create.。
It is also the imitation of the teacher.。
Shim monkey is not a simple imitation,It mimics the essence,Imitate the unique temperament。
If the Buddha is in front of the stone monkey。
Shim monkey is in a monkey,Support the whole country。
Countless from the Buddha, the cause of the Buddha is invisible to the stone monkey,Such as the same iron chain。Shim monkey is unimaginable。
But it can take over the blood of the gods from the master,Infinite potential。
The more oppressed,The more you have endless potential resistance。
In oppression、Restrain,Shi monkey grows growing。
Master is right!
The stone monkey once again understands the expectation of himself。
It seems that it is still a misunderstanding for the master.。
Shimonium back to demon。
Countless demon of the demon understands the way forward。
God’s way!
One of the demon came to the critical point。
Their Tianlei robbed。
Shim monkey wants to lead the demon road of the world to retain the road of Taikoo。
It is a high in the demon,This is like a king,Lead the demon to go back to the road should go。
But the night of the front road is not seen in the past,The stone monkey brings bright to the demon.。
The stone monkey feels that the gas from the demon is awkward.。