Of course this is a false map,It is also the place where the gold wheel returns to Lin Feng set the trap.。
“The position is a good choice。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“See how this is how to resolve your means,Just don’t know if you have a chaos,Does anyone else??”
I don’t know why Lin Feng remembered North Yanyang.,Southern Southern,Although everyone is on the surface and and gas,But if you have a chance to die each other,Or block each other’s footsteps,No one will shoot。
Including Lin Feng is no exception。
“Good to see if you look at it in advance.。”Lin Fengnan whispered,I immediately stepped out one step.,Directly broke the atmosphere of Venus,His figure appears in the high altitude on Venus。
Fly along the high altitude of Venus,According to the information records, the hill mountain is a mountain range,Delayed eight thousand miles,According to Feng Shui,This is a huge dragon pulse。
the ancients,Especially the first person of the emperor chooses the dragon pulse when choosing the tomb.,And choose the faucet,In this way, you can match your identity.。
“This is a high degree of Tibetan。”Lin Feng smiled and said,His eyes glanced on the earth,Look to the four parties。
After more than a dozen breathing, Lin Feng’s eyes bright.,I finally saw a huge mountain vessel in the land.,It’s like a fire dragon.,With the momentum of the sky,This momentum is hegemonious。
It’s like flying dragon in the day!
This is fierce,Overbearing breath with the majesty,There seems to have an ancient ancient emperor who sleeps here.。
“This momentum is familiar!”Lin Feng face,Suddenly Lin Feng feels that this is not as simple as you look.。
“Yes,Military master!”Lin Feng suddenly remembered this familiar atmosphere.,The familiar mountains have passed in the soldiers.。
His perspective does not live to this huge fire god,The faucet is very unparalleled,His figure fly forward,Come to this faucet more than ten kilometers,I finally saw a picture。
This picture made Lin Feng http://www.newstart123.cn shocked。
Because he saw a vulnerable long gun,This boot is straight to the air,Put the Buddha penetrate nine days,Unreal guns, like mountains,With unparalleled breath,It seems that the next moment can be broken directly。
“This……”Lin Feng saw this scene stunned。
“This is not the grave of the Emperor Emperor,This breath is frank,Demon,Even evil。”Lin Feng directly gave a conclusion,He is a heaters of the Emperor Emperor,If the world is most familiar with the atmosphere of the Emperor Emperor。
That is him.。
“Golden wheel back。”Lin Feng suddenly remembered the golden round,Or a master of gods,Do they don’t know what the situation is?
“never mind,Go down!”
Lin Feng’s figure immediately went up,His figure came to the faucet,See a huge stone door,Shimen is in front of the leader,This stone door is high,The sky http://www.51knock.cn is like a foggy on the stone door.。
A huge golden giant lock is hung on Shimen。
Shimen two is a tall stone column,This stone column is engraved with the first Qin text,Give people an ancient mysterious breath。
“clever,If you don’t see the illusory long gun,I am afraid it is difficult to I,I thought this is the true Emperor Treasure.。”Lin Feng looked at the huge stone pillars of these sides muttered,I am afraid that there is a lot of hard work.。
“it is good,Since this,I started now.。”Lin Feng looked at huge stone door muttered。
I immediately retired from 100 meters directly.。
He knows that it only needs to pass his own position.,Golden wheel back or other calculations he will do,None of him is not close to Shimen,As long as it is in the bombing range。
The sound of the Jiuwang http://www.dgsjxl.cn knife sounds in the void,It’s like a knife.,Sound through the sky,Terrible breath,Jiuwei rang in the sky,This nine rays are directly intertwined together,Form a huge key。
This huge key is the key to open the Emperor Treasure.,Floating in void。
Just after this key floating in the void, several breathing,A huge explosion of an earth-shattering,Lin Feng30Kilometer,A huge mushroom cloud rises,This mushroom cloud is stronger than a million ton of hydrogen bomb.。
It’s like a sudden explosion between a day.,The world seems to walk into the end,Collapse,A violent vibration occurred in the volcanic mountains。
The force that destroys the earth is sweeping,Directly drowned too gods,It seems to destroy everything。
The ball is rushing out by terrible power.,Heavy falling on the ground。
NS1036chapter 2000Tens of tonnes
“wipe,Really,2000Tens of tons!”