First of all, the people are moving.。
“Seven-layer activation,Give me”
Golden gas waves explode from the people,His hair has become a golden color.。
It turned out that the people had cultivated breathing to the seventh floor activation.。
“I don’t have much time.,I started first.”The people saw it.,I disappeared in the original place.。
“What is this moving?,Speed almost exceeded the limit”Tao pupil。
Even his round looks, some can’t see the movement of each other.。
The gold is even more,Just use the weapon of the weapon。
But the chakra weapon in his hand is broken.。
A golden figure appears in front of him,A punch is playing directly on the golden belly。
The gold style can’t believe,The gap is not big before,Why do you suddenly improve so much?!
Then when he is, the people in the body will disappear again.。
I only see the golden body in a constant twist,One of the boxing printed。
I seem to have a countless attack on an instant.。
“How can this be!”Grid eyes。
Finally, people appear in the top of the golden head,An elbow,I’m hitting his head.。
Complete loss of resistance。
Chakra on the people also started to converge,Hair is also faded in golden。
Seventh layer activation,He is also just mastering,It is very short。
His people mix thoroughly,Look at the mekay。
“It’s your turn”
“OK”Ski laugh。
But I haven’t waited for him.,He suddenly flew a gold style。
He reached out,The golden body is also flying quickly to him.。
“this is?”Some doubts。
Bring people to escape?
We are so many people,Can you run away??
Only another side of Hui Night frown。
“I’m going back,I need someone to take the town”Brilliant night。
“OK,Hui Night adults please”Spring smiles。
Of course, know what happens next.。
But he doesn’t care.,Also let the Naruto thoroughly understand the coastal wood family。
I only see the gold-style body is slowly changed.,Finally become a good thing like a peach。
Falling in a peach。
“What is he doing?”Naruto said。
“Partner to swallow his,Oh no,Is his lower level”Spring said。
Hui Night opens the space door,Looking back at the eyes,I will walk directly into the space door.。
“He deals with you,Don’t let him be too good”Hui Night left this sentence,Just turned off the space door left.。
“It is angry that it looks.”Quan Yi touched the chin。