However, at this time。
It’s like lightning, the residual shadow is falling.。
The speed is too fast。
This person is wearing a black dress,Bluff,Handheld three-foot Qingfeng,Black clothes floating with the wind。
Cut straight back to his father。
This black man’s experience is very old。
Time and place is very in place.。
Guardian and Snow Eagle and others are chaos,And the summer is injured at the same time。
The most important thing is,The father of the father is in the summer.,Back to him……If you change to a regular person,I will definitely be killed by a sword.。
However, the father is not a common person.。
In fact。
When he also hung in the dark,Not aware of the summer,Father knows his existence。
This is not exaggerated,Not a fantasy。
Some super powerful air machines are so mysterious and magical.。
So that is the case,The face of the father can’t help change.。
Bamboo!The shape is like a high-speed rotating gyro,Avoid this sword with an incredible perspective。
First1563Chapter Life and death
First1563Chapter Life and death
Although the old man avoid this sword。
But black people are not surprised。
His body is in the air in the air。
Jianli blooms cold light。
At the same time,It has been reflected back。
Master pupil crystal。
The speed of these two swords is too fast.。
The key is that his old force has never lived.,Still in the air,Fundamental does not open,And the other party is more than lightning。
I don’t want to think about it.,The father is no longer retained.。
His figure is even under the situation of the slightegression,Halvearted half a feet。
Black man is also following the change。
He didn’t have a neutral,Fouquerical instant,Hands in the hands of the sword,Backward。
A sword is mall, blind, the heart。
Fierceness,Murderous,Cold wind。