“More than a year,Take my current speed,Have a grasp of the chaotic triaday level,Strive to get more。”
make up one’s mind,Summer is ready to continue deep closure。
But just at this time,His look is moving,Motion reminder。
Immediately removed the message。
Intrack,Immediately came forward of Yuan Gong’s mind fluctuation。
“summer,What you need,I have already refined it.。”
Summer http://www.minghaorun.cn look,Thank you。
At the beginning, Yuan Gong was accompanying him to choose the cave.,I have asked summer,What do you need。
After all, this is his reward.,Cannot do。
Summer thinking for a long time,Finally, the Yuan Gong’s owner refines a set of five thousand handles。
The number is very similar,But the requirements of the summer are very simple。
He only requires every small knife to be wide.、Length,The main material used is only a common black iron ore.。
also,Number of array required for each handle,For Yuan Qi Lord,It is also easy to do it.。
But he was very curious in the summer, what is the use of so many knives?。
Because in his opinion,Although the number of these knives,But there is not much to use。
Summer is not hidden,Telling to use these knives to be prepared for one of their secrets。
http://www.jzessz.cn That secret,It is the premium of the previous 50,000 chaotic currency bought!Today’s refining success,Summer is also very popular,Leave the cave immediately,Matching。
Hundred miles away,to him,Just a moment。
When he is close to the mountains,But found in the valley of the front view,There are hundreds of people who are carrying a tragic fight.。
More than one hundred people form a set of big arches,It is a madman who is killing in the center of the center.。
It is a dazzling knife.,There is also a variety of secret treasures and secrets.,Blooming a piece of light。
Summer is light,Available。
He recognizes the people who are besieged,It is Wang Temple!He is trapped at this moment.,Sweating,Head and fog,Handheld long sword,Desperately resist all kinds of attacks in all directions,A second insurance and danger,And wait for an opportunity to counterattack。
Summer noticed,The hundred people who are siege look fierce,Always have strength。
He immediately understood,This should be a one that Yuan Gongli gave you special training.。
Just when the Wang Hall is in the eyes of Wang Hall,Hundreds of people big array suddenly。
Wang Dian sweat dripped out,Say hello to everyone around,Go to the valley along the valley。
There is a high feet there.,One person thick big iron barrel,Iron bucket is in a certain spirit。
Wang Temple did not send,Do not hesitate to jump into the iron drum,Suddenly licking your mouth。
But after a moment,He reorganizes God,Some scars of body table,It is also repaired with the speed visible to the http://www.zanrp.cn naked eye.。
Summer is dark。
These spirits are magical,A person’s potential is dried,I have replied in the moment.。
It seems that the Yuan Gong Lord has made great efforts and money.。
“summer,Be enough.,How can you look at a big man?。”
Summer is not hidden,Wang Temple quickly found him,Be shouting far away。