“Sixth Sky,Handheld six major people。”Lin Feng said cold:“I really can see my Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,500Kim did not kill them。”
It turns out that Lin Feng and Ye Tian Cang have already secretly arranged this.,Prepared300The kilogram of Lin Feng is worried enough,Else usage500Kim let the golden big python secret from the underground,In order to be afraid of the two big zombies,Directly let the golden big python open a straight-through1000Rice cave。
When the six masters launched an http://www.sister365.cn attack,Lin Feng controls these two zombies to escape through the cave.。
“Not dead, also suffered heavy,I feel the breath of the big day.。”Bechang Cool Cold Road:“I have shot on the day.,You can’t make a hearty heart.。”
“I see。”Lin Feng heard the words。
Just when Lin Feng said when I fell.,A few movements from the distance,One person headed is an amazurbian master,Shadow,A few people come from Perffitz.。
“what happened?”Mysteriestism hopes this fried big land。
NS557chapter Money money
“Grandmaster,You came。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“fine,I have a gunpowder library here.,Just a few friends from afar,I accidentally stepped on this.,So exploding,I want to find them,But they are gone。”
“Amitabha!”Mysterienife Master heard the laugh:“Forest president,Listen to the old man,Money can’t be revealed,Once the leaks http://www.xkobld.cn will attract the disaster,Don’t let go,Take it back when you have this power.。”
Lin Feng heard the words,I immediately laughed:“Thank you master pointing。”
“Good and good。”Master of Mysterney laughs:“Since it is a gunpowder explosion,Old, go back to sleep,Allocate,Wholly。”
“Wholly!”Others of Lin Feng and Qinglong Chamber of Commerce nodded。
Mysteriestism turned around,Pervenation looked at Lin Feng,Lin Feng is nothing,The figure of Perggetts is turned around.。
Shadow is just a glance,Then and Bei Xue Yin,Night cold,Tang Yinyao said to turn around.。
“It’s here.,In addition to his other five people?”Lin Feng looked at night:“There is a breath of Buddha。”For this Lin Feng is the most sensitive。
“Lesson Mountain?”Ye Tian Cangdao。
“It should be failed。”Lin Feng Road。
“There is also Tang family’s fire dragon gloves。”Tang Yin Yao Yingmei Wrinkled。
“Tang family!”Tell this,Everyone is complicated,What is the Tang family??Daytime Baolong Chamber of Commerce,Even the monks don’t hesitate to turn their faces with the dragon。
“I think it should be another forces of Tang family.。”Becue:“Tang family is never doing such a thing,If you do, you will not give Yao Yao.,Give our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce so much help。”
“Is it him??”Tony Yao suddenly。
“Who?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“I can’t discover the conclusion,Let father chee up with the fire dragon gloves and say。”Tang Yin Yao Yingmei Wrinkled:“The owner is impossible to do this.。”
“no need,I now ask Jiang Yu Village to know.。”Lin Feng’s figure went to huge Tiankeng,Tiankeng is filled with distressing breathing atmosphere。
Everyone’s figure is following。
A loud noise,Jiang Fishing Village’s figure,Many people carrying many people,His figure came to Lin Feng’s。
“Who is it??”Lin Feng asked。
Jiang Fishing Village heard his eyes stagnant,He took out the Tai Yin Sword,Hand is a bit awkwardly drawn on the ground,Herone is a piece of godman,Realistic。
“Or not。”Lin Feng sighed and sighed,Jiang Fi Village has recovered some,But still too little,He can only remember the most impressive,For his most dangerous,And these only the soldiers。
“He has thought?”Ye Tian Cang and others looked at Jiang Fishing Village.。
“Not countless。”Lin Feng pensive:“Instinctive reaction,And you can remember some deep things,Such as threatening very big。”
“This is the dragon sword of the dragon.,Sharp Mountain’s volleyball,Mt. Da Daily Jin Kong,Delivery Dragon Sword,Beijia Moon Knife。”Tang Yao suddenly stared at the ground and said a series of names.。
“Dragon,Lesson http://www.21drink.cn Mountain,Tongz,Fairy,Sheah,Tang family。”Lin Feng,Ye Tianchen and others are looking at each other,The look is cold down。