Destruction is still continuing。
And all beings are destroyed,All kinds of emotions,A black seed。
Black seeds become incomparable。
The old devil does not know that this is not a perfect world seed.,But he tried his best.。
The mirror absorbs enough strength,Repair a little,New World Taoism,Su Chen has some choice again。
Red dust inn,Black seed hidden in the eyebrows,Old magic is suspended in the mirror,Duciary mirror becomes clear,One big world mark,Star Incendo。
His eyes swept one by one,Reside in a seemingly unoccupied vulnerable star point。
This is called——Wild ancient times。
NS118chapter Kunlun Holy Land(Moon ticket plus more)
Mirror,Detailed records about the wildest world。
This is a piece of fragmentation that is isolated from the Turkish World.,Nowadays, the void universe is the most widely boundless land.,In fact, strict meanings,Also but the debris of Taikoo,Of course, the biggest fragmentation,Almost a quarter of the Outstanding Wilderness。
And this piece of debris is about one thousandth,But it adheres to the source of Taikoo,Extremely amazing potential,It is also a high-energy trial field when it is too ancient.。
In this world,Percentage,It can be a real great condensing Road fruit can。
Road fruit series mighty,In the demon called Story,Door called the Tao Jun,Buddhism is called Buddha。Almost real level of immortality。
The Ghost of the Pacific end of the road,Story is。
First breakthrough in seventh heaven become innate mythical mythical,In order to obtain that result Story Road。
And this field trials,Already in the era of great changes in the Pacific,Lost in the long history of time,Tao Jun exist even series,It is difficult to find traces of it。
Mirror did not think it actually has a road marked。
It also allows very surprised Laomo,Although he was one of master and slave and Mirror,But the Mirror lost too much memory,Just wait for it to one side while awakening repair,As for its root feet,I am afraid to wait Mirror fully restored,It may know。
For the ancient world in terms of shortage,A total amount of three hundred and sixty yuan robbery will,Each dollar will provide one hundred twenty-nine thousand six hundred centuries。
The amount of a robbery can occur only if a channel,Once the card was,Others would suppress contemporaries,This world exclusive,Until the next volume robbery began。
The only evidence enlightenment fruit,Before you leave the Pacific mighty evolution of field trials。
The field trials,More like a raise insanity,Decide which of the strongest。
Road fruit can not completely rely practice,Other contemporaries had to beat strong,Plunder their air transport,I truly horizontal pressure,It is possible to get。
Every way,It’s all from the blood and fire.,No half of luck。
This is a killing road。
But it is also an opportunity。
Because in normal world,He wants to go to the way,Almost hope,Because he has the secret of mirror and too ancient gods,If you want to go to the way,Only the fairy world can carry his promotion,If it causes the attention of those roads,I am afraid it will kill him in advance.。
Because the conspiracy behind Tiannea,It is related to a Dao Jun。
But the inheritance memory of the Taikoo Magic is deliberately hidden.,Just a little prompt,Because once exposed the truth,He thought together,It may be perceived,Will be killed in advance。
Wild world,Triaway trial field in the long river of time and space,Born to block any energy perception in the outside world,Even if there is a big energy from the ridiculous world,I can’t find the way back to go back.。
Unless there is a mark provided by the mirror。
And his only thing I need to gamble is,The king of the mirror is not the only one.。
Don’t choose,Only trust。
The road of the wilderness world is the way to the world.,If Su Chen is intentional,Naturally, I can’t expose too much.。
Even if the black seed opens up new world,He is also a three-day realm of God.,Equivalent to the realm of the second robbery of Daomen Tianxian,I can’t say invincible。