Han Jiang reported his coordinates,The rest of the book is to read Baronia’s ability。
In the time of waiting for Bronia backup,Han Jiang saw several tactical machines that dominate the legacy in the implantation of the reverse entropy headquarters。
Han Jiang and Yiculan Del can’t be indifferent,Two people teamed up to do ten kinds of salvages in just ten minutes.。
Han Jiang’s face is relatively thick,After drying the law,The sleeve is taken away.。
Fu Lai Dali watched several eyes,Han Jiang smiled and divided her one or two。
“I do not want!”Yishlan turned over white eyes,“Tell me the location of the rebels。”
“First and so on,Bronia horse came up,She will take us together.。”
“Fungu Del,No need to wait,I have already found the probably position of Augustic.,We only need to follow the carbon-based hunter.。”
Rita rushed through the battlefield,In her side, http://www.cilve.cn she has a steel created by steel.。
This steel dog is directly controlled by Lita’s neuro,It can be said that the body parts are equal to the extra。
“This dog……it’s OK?”Han Rong stared at carbon-based hunters asked。
Rita:“Please ask Mr. Han Jiang, please don’t insult yourself.,If you have passed the deeds fighting together with Yishli,Will pull down the image of Kyllan。”
“Some people say when they arrive.,God’s first female Wushen,Fu Lan Derner actually combats with a dog,It’s too hard to listen.,So please ask Mr. Han Jiang’s respect,is it okay?”
Rita’s poisonous tongue is still so sharp,Let Han Jiang don’t know how to refute。
“All right,From Baronia this。”
Bronia is here.,Hat with long rabbit ears,Don’t see Hanjiang,Turned to the north。
Chapter 611 Bait
“Lower,Should not be like this。”
Yishi Deli speed is unhappy,A sentence,Logo language。
“We are currently a relationship between cooperation。”Fu Lai Deer low sound supplement:“Can you do this to him?,At least not。”
“Hehe。”Rita smiled:“Follow,Fungu Del。”
“The ability of carbon base hrosts is not as good as Bronia,We follow Miss Broniana.。”
Speaking of Bronia,Rita is another face。
Her people like cute girls,Although Bronia is a bit too cold,Not within the preferences of Lita。
But she can’t send any temper on cute transactions.,Moreover, Bronia’s ability is enough to get her recognition。
Bronia in front,With three people in the battlefield,Goal point to a military base in Hhau。
Regardless of which forces,Leaders can only play the biggest advantage in the big rear security zone。
Because the leaders have enough general views, they have never understood.,The role of their command can be more effective than killing the enemy。
“arrive,just in front。”
Four people quickly found the base of Augustic。