Chang Sun Hao,Nima big words do not know one craftsman,Actually dared to discuss the king,Something telling,It’s very good.。Is it not as good as the seven-year-old children??
“Did Qi Gong kill him??”
“No,Qi Quangong asked him,I am studying,How to make a wheel craftsman how to discuss!Can tell you how to forgive,If you can’t say,Be dead。”
“This is a common sense,King’s majesty is not provocative。”
Chang Sun Yi nodded,Qi Qigong is still no problem.。
“But the wheel is said:I am looking for this problem from my work.。Making a round hole,The round hole is too loose, the shaft is easy to put in, but not strong;The round hole is too tight.,Axis is unrestrained。
To make the holes are not loose,Just master the skillful skills。But this skill,I can’t teach to my son.,My son can not inherit from me,so,I have been in the age of seventy years.。
The ancient saints are dead.,The essence they are difficult to teach,I can’t give it to the king.,Put down something,It is always a saint left.,Real essence,They can’t come out,So I think the king can don’t have to look at this holy book.。”
Here,Gao Bao added a sentence:“Finally, Qi Qigong grandmaster round flat,It seems to agree with his statement.。”
Say this story,It is silent between the two.,No one speaks。
“Thank you, father’s education。”
Just when Gao Bi is fell asleep,Chang Sun Wei suddenly came to a sentence。
“Want to understand??”
“Understood,First,Qi Qigong,Not because it is a craftsman, you will be small.。”
“anything else?”
“Everything must be intimate personality。”
Can tell this, it is not simple.。Gao Baoyi:“Ancient people have no force,Young and strong work。The paper is getting angry,Perceive this matter。You can see this,I feel that you can get a teacher.,I have nothing to teach you.。”
“Master this is fake and humility.,Still there is a third point?。”
“Master,Qi Qigong is a nine-in-one:Bighter will be three,Take a bus,Jiuze,A prostitute。It seems that Master is self-contained.,Now Master said Qi Qigong,Don’t have Qi Zhen’s heart?”
Can’t say this again.,Let’s talk about it.。
Gao Boi is light:“This is what you said,I can’t say that I am a teacher.。”
Chang Sun Wei left a right,I also checked the windows and bedrooms.,This is coming over,Lower sound:“Master’s current situation,Is it very difficult??”
This is all seen by you.?
Gao Boi nodded,Emotionally:“Jinyang Xianbei,Psychomogeneity,I am also without going.。How much achievement now,Are the beach city building,The waves collapsed。”
Chang Sun Wei’s beads turn,Low sound:“Master,Before the apprentice fight with children in other squares,The number of children opposite the child is much more than our work.,So every time we fight, we are all lost.,But later I thought of a way,Win around each time,Children in the square also began to listen to me.。”
Chang Sun Hao is very proud of。
Um?How do you contact your fight??But the goose king in front of him,That but from the small man who does not press the route.,Several inverse gauges in history have died in powerful tricks。
“interesting,You continue to say。”