Just like carrying a heavy giant mountain,It is like an invisible chain.。
Summer finally thoroughly understands Wang Yixin’s feelings。
Just as he breaks a boulder in Shenpu Island.,Need a point of power。
So the same piece of giant stone here is here.,Need seven-point!The gap is too big.!Summer feelings,And then the four look。
At this moment, he is in a giant mountain.,Not far from the pavilion,Xiao Qiao,There is still a burst of flowers。
Far away,It is a large piece of endless palace building group。
At the foot of the giant mountain,It is a http://www.nanyatechan.cn very magnificent giant city.,Better than the god city is only big,But it is a thick and sinister!Be right。
Kill!Look down on,I will see the breath of iron and blood in the giant city below.。
There is no prospective appearance of Shencheng,Instead, everywhere is like the ruins,The shouting of the sky is even further。
what happened?
Summer is in the summer。
Immediately,Operational,As a big bird leaps to the transfer array。
He darkly frown,Very uncomfortable this feeling。
That kind of oppression and binding sense,Let him play the strength of ten steps。
“Come to stop!”
Far away,Two body shadow like Changhong。
This is a man with a gods.,All in the incontinence,It is also http://www.sanyt.cn contaminated with blood,Ambiguous killing。
They quickly arrived,Fall on the ground,Summer。
“Hey,Initial life……”“Good luck is not good.。”
The two do not have a slightest,Then one of them,“Pay one billion transfer fee,We will give you the identity of legitimate residents of the martial arts。”
Talk,This person put a piece of Xuan Yusu to the summer,Don’t worry about him at all。
Summer will not pay attention,These money must be paid。
Reach your hand and pick up the token,Make a big step forward,At the past, two,Tip a storage ring to one of them。
Asked at the same time,“Two big brothers,I am beginning to martial arts,I don’t http://www.njjinbang.cn know what happened.?
Can you solve it??”
One of them passed the storage ring,Amens,Look now。
The color of another person also changes picker。