“good。”The Qing Dynasty stared at the Normalin’s eyes for a few seconds,Subsequent gentle smile,“Please please contact you.。”
“Um。”The native piano of the Qing Dynasty is slightly messy.,Subsequently nodded,http://www.putao365.cn There is a smile on the face.。
Chapter 58 Goodbye
Listening to Yindith,Some of the time in the upper situation。x23
This thing is over.?
Look at the party on the ground,I also saw the last work on the operating table.,And use before the operating station‘Moon’Try to disperse the end of the end of the virus in the brain,Laid out,Punning the spirit to assume Guard。
He doesn’t want to go to the wind, I will see it.,When the wings were slowly dissipated, the ones had already went up.,But he is really unfameful to throw the Yintker alone here.,I can only wait anxiously in the same place.。
The wings of the sky have disappeared,The battle on the Qing Palace should be over.?Side on the side of the room,There is a bit of interesting thinking,I don’t know how the guy who claims to be in front.?but,Guy who was just fighting with the Qing Dynasty,Really the wind in front??
Think here,The upper strip does not help but frown,He remembered the time when he was so long ago,So some kind of mad woman said。
“The pope has signed a command”
“You now,Already the enemy of 200 million people.!”
Her goal,I will be aimed at the beginning, I think about my frown.,Or,She came to the school city’s purpose is to kill me.?
I am a matter of mane, I have never done what injured.,Nothing, even Help the old grandmother crossing the road, walk, peeking, seeing the sister’s skirt,Why is this for me??
Is it because this??The upper strip slowly lifts the right hand,Some of the gods looking at the ripple on the palm,Half-half。
I have done my own relationship with Rome.,It seems that I only have to save, I will have saved.?
Um,It seems that I have destroyed a team of queen fleets.?
But,That is just an accident,Roman orthodial education is sent to me to kill me.?
I don’t want to pass.。The upper strip shakes his head,Abandoned the idea of continuing thinking,Instead, turn the eyeliner to the side of the ground.。
I can come here.,It is because the phone called the girl named,I will find it here with Yintke.,But I didn’t expect it.,But just hit the scene that was hung by one party。
The above, I have seen one party.,As early as the time, the Qing Dynasty saved those sisters.,The upper strip has secretly followed the passage of the side behind the Alley.,Once the Qing Palace does not,Always ready to meet。but,The admission does not take,The upper strip has seen a few times.,Just just don’t know the above。
be honest,The upper strip is not good for one side,Including this chance to know him today, please do this.,It’s just to make the upper strip.‘It turns out that he is not entirely a cold stone.’This feeling,I can’t bring a good feeling to the upper strip.,Until I just。
I learned that the girl was desperately desirable for the girl on the operating table.,The above is very surprised,But see the firm expression of Yintick,Some don’t know what to say。
His people,Will you really don’t care about this level in order to save a person??
Clear of the upper,Don’t look at the last side to defeat the people called Wumo.,But it is not a matter of normal.,In the moment of blaming the black wing,There is a kind of impulse that I want to use the right hand to eliminate it.,That feeling carefully,And the angel that turned into Mixia became more similar to。
Can people become an angel??When I think about it?,Suddenly in front of the window“哗”A,Originally, the broken glass is completely broken into powder.,Then a person jumped from the window.。
“Who?Uh”The upper first is a shock,But when he saw it, he stunned.,“Misaka?Why are you here?”
“Not only me。”Meiqin is slightly Yangchao hair,Finger window,“There is also a Qing Palace.。”
The upper strip looks out,Just see the shape of the Qing Palace appeared there.,The wings behind it also slowly,However, the model is not so huge.。
“The things there have solved it.?”The last step see the Qing Palace,This is slightly tone.,“So windy”
“I am planning to go。”The Qing Dynasty nodded,“Do you want to go with me and Yumu??By the way。”
“That’s better.。”I nodded,However, some of them are difficult to look at the side of the wall is still coma.,And the last work on the operating table,“What should they do??”
“I worshiped my letter and Kaya informing the Council.。”Qingguang sighed,“Under this situation,It is no longer controlled.。”
“Is the Board of Directors??”The upper eyebrows slightly wrinkles。
“I actually hate the wine http://www.sdassd.cnbag。”Qinggong shrugged,“But rest assured,They don’t dare to mess up。”
“As long as I and this guy still,That child will not be dangerous。”Qing Palace glanced over one side,Whispered,“As for this guy,Let him diesel。I believe,He can come back。”The Qing Palace says some meaning deep,I don’t know if there is anything else.。