At this timetheshy,BeG2On the road。
rookieAnd Ho Qing,existG2RedBUFFwild area,They are fightingG2RedBUFFRefresh。
andG2After collecting this information,Rapida will realize,This is what they don’t have only.。
Missed this opportunity,That kind of opportunity will never appear again.。
After realizing this,G2The five people are directly moving towards the road.。 They want to seize such opportunities,andIGexistG2Three people in the upper half,But it is a slightly slow shooting.。
Tumm directly drives,With the sword demon, I came to Delei and the enchantment.。
not far away,Currears and wine barrels are also coming towards here。
Jess on the road,It is blocked by the knife.。
One time,IGThreeCIt is directlyG2Five people surrounded。
Chapter 171 Crisis
Discuss,I saw this scene of Haokai,Almost in the moment, I took over the explanation of the field.。
“This wave,G2Five-person bag!I want to directly put itIGThreeCDied,This wave is very dangerous,Extremely dangerous!”
Three hits five,And the basic owner’s state is full,I want to play,Almost a completely impossible thing。
Don’t say a professional competition,Even the high-end road,As long as the opponent is not the kind of gourd to save your grandfather,3beat5It is basically unobeding things.。
“This waveIGThreeCWhat should I say??The sword devil and Tumm are directly around Dele and the demon., Not far away, there is a wine barrel and anmba!”
How does Hakai did not say the road?,1V1in the case of,theshyThe possibility of lose。
I am afraid that the knife does not want to hard.,I just want to leave Jess,In this casetheshyWill be a bit trouble。
Tumm and sword,Directly to Dele,Obviously their goal is Delle。
After Tam,DirectlyQSkills are coming to Dele。
This narrow terrain,The accuracy of this non-pointing skill will greatly improve,Because in this case,Dele’s walking space has been greatly compressed。
AlleyWSkills are activated,ThisQSkill,It’s also wiped his clothes.。
Dellai after this simply destroyed walking position,It is directly withdrawn directly.。
Look like,It is prepared to retreat to the explosion fruit.。
But Tumm is empty.QLater,The sword is still there?。
QEAlmost at the same time,Sword Magic Target straight to the palace。
They are very clear,Palace is currentlyIGMaximum output point,It is also the most worthwhile to kill this side.。
But with Dele’sESkills,The sword magic is originally an unfair foot, suddenly。
Originally calm footsteps are interrupted,Dele is also kicked off at this time.。