“what?”Freeli is full of eyes,“Is the sister too??I thought I just didn’t open the network when I contacted them.。”
“Try a call。”Franda eyebrows slightly wrinkles,For many years, I have given her consciousness to think about some bad things.,“I will look at it below.。”
“Hey?”Freeli is full of eyes,“elder sister?”
“it’s OK。”Franida put his hand,Do not look back,“At least it looks now,We are just because the information is not available.,The following talents are innocent.,We will not have any problems.。”
“But”Freelmea is worried about his sister,“I tried it.,The phone has no signal here I want to,Will not”
“This way.。”Franida is silent,Gently turn over, laugh at Fuffmeia,“It’s ok,I will solve,Now you need,Just leave”
“Cough,I am really embarrassed to disturb the two lovely little girls.。”At this moment,A vigorous voice with a slightly hoarse smile suddenly sounded from two people,“but,Old man is going to ask。”
Flanda pupil is shrinking,I grabbed Fremeya,Then turn into the body,I don’t know when I am dead, I don’t know when I have.,Cold sweat is dried down。
“Although this is very rude,”The old man is slightly,The face with a silk and good smile,But the squid is flashing from time to time.,“but,Old gersters”
“It is hurting in your hand.?”
Discipline members177Branch。
The black child is staring at the information in the hand and looking back.,but,Her movements clearly show that she didn’t see information.,Instead, there is a kind of feelings.。
do not know why,From just now,There is always an inexplicable feeling in the heart of the black.,There is also a feeling of faint heartbeat.,And this feeling is the reason for her heart.。
“Is it a matter of Sky??”The black child frowns,Slightly speaking。
“that,Baijing classmate,”At this moment,The sound of the black child suddenly came from the sound of the first spring,“Outside the branch,There is a person who is coming to here.。”
“What happened?”Ambitious,Look back at the early spring,“Someone is not normal.?”
“I have a little more eye-catching this person.。”The first spring is a sentence,“In short, it is possible to let her go.?”
“Let her come up.。”Hexin heart,Speak out。
After a moment,Three gently knock on the door of the branch,The sound is not impossible,It sounds a kind of inexplicable comfort。
“Please。”Blackman,At the same time, my heart is secretly nodded.。
From knocking on the door, it is actually a personal literacy.,Say from the rhythm,Evenly knock two or three sounds,This kind of person generally has good cultivation and habits,It is also very understandable and self-control in us.,If it is a woman,Most of the elegant people,And this kind of person often gives people a better first impression.。
Door opening,then,A black girl slowly came in,Although the sportswear often wearing the Bimar Festival,But but does not change its perfect temperament,It is a bright。
“what!It’s you!”I saw the people in the early spring,Suddenly widened,“When the Ethmssion incident,I saw you http://www.merryenglish.cn at the scene.!”
“Hello,”Yunchuki Yai smiled slightly in the early spring,“You really work here?。”
“Oh,You are the girl in Huang Quanchuan teacher.?”First spring,Hezi also thought,When I was in the Ethmssion incident,The first spring and the black child cooperates with the alarm to calculate the fall track of the NMs.,Two people and Yunchukiya have seen one side,But not familiar,Just see the extent of it.。
“good。”Yunchukai is laughing in the black son.,“Indeed。”
“This classmate,”Hezie looked at Yunchuyania,I don’t know what to call her for a while.,I can only say one sentence.,“So what is it now this time??”
“Our purpose should be the same。”Mention this,Yunchukui is sighing,“We are facing the same problem,And I am also in order to solve this problem.。”
“what?”Blackfish,The brain flew it.。
“You see it http://www.bjmusicvalley.cn in the investigation of the police.?”Yunchuki Ya’s sentence,But let the black child and Zo Tian smashed his eyes.。
“how do you know?”The eyes of the black child are vigilant.,“Who are you??”
I didn’t speak in the early spring.,Because she can’t think about it,When the girl and Huang Quanchuan teacher chatted in front of the initial,Accidentally mentioned‘Dark part’This word,This makes the first spring heart slightly shocked。
Is it surprivable to look at Yunchukaia?,Take a touch of unbelievable。
She is actually a member of the organization?
“What person is not important?。”Yunchuki sighed,Then the look is serious.,“But I know,We need to cooperate now。”
“About the alert to see and sisters,In fact, behind the goal,Not a sister!”
Liquid factory door。
“All right,arrive。”Schili Tuan looked behind the body,Faintly said,“Leave here soon。”