“Is this not used??If it is useful, even if it is,There may be other things?!”
Sujia people have always been diligently saving,Such a large tile can not use the martial arts and quite strange,And it’s still intact,At least the surface is like this。
“It should be not used.!Tiger, they grow up.!”
Adults talk about the growth of children, is a feeling of feeling,Daurother is not another。
“This way.!I can give me it with it.,Ok, I don’t want it.!”
This time,Niu Niu felt that he was more like a broken,Not a person who is doing business,
“Grandmother,This is used to dry it.?How do you grow up??”
Niu Niu reached out to take the tile pot in the big master,Suddenly grabbed a big loophole in her discourse。Where is it whim?,It can be found clearly.!
“This is a bit important,Where are you going to take?,Big Mother gives you over!If you have to cook something, you have to make a fire.,How to make you big in the backyard??”
Although this sentence is the heart of Niu Niu,But don’t you pick it up to the kitchen without normal circumstances??Where do I need to waste so much?,Also take into account yourself to take a stove?
Niu Niu felt strange!Where is it??
“Oh,Why do you say this can??”
The big master finished his words.,Only the question of Niu Niu,
“It is used for eggs!Niu Niu also eaten a few times?!”
Niu Niu’s heart suddenly irregularly jumped a few times,The right eye is also jumping.,The heart rises a bad premonition
105chapter Stove
“Forehead~Big mother~”
Niu Niu’s heart faintly has an answer,But less sure。
“The egg can be more nutritious than the general eggs.,You have a good time.!”
All right,This is not guess from yourself.。
Boy urine egg!
Is disgusting feeling!
“Grandmother,Is there anything else to use??This is not still still staying.,I will not be able to use it in the future.!”
http://www.wet88.cn Anyway, I use myself and I will not eat it.,Just see who will be the unlucky egg.。Niu Niu hurriedly opened the topic,Don’t make you know that you can stay in your heart.。
“You use it now, I don’t delay me.!Wash it.!correct,Niu Niu, this thing is not cooking to yourself.!”
“no,It is cooked to the chicks.!”
“That is not,Wash it with it,Next, don’t use it!It’s fine,do not worry,Although use!”
I just don’t want to use it.!
Niu Niu in the wind in the wind
“I used to cook!”
“It’s alright!”
“There may be mud!”
“fine,Since give you,You can use it with confidence.!Does the big master are the kind of person who is reluctant to have an object??Don’t say it will not break,Just getting it, it’s okay.!”
Big emerald,Su Grandma nodded on the side。
“Grandmother,You are cleaned.!”
Nor did it say that there are many disappointments,It http://www.neteasyall.cn is a loss of 应 应,I don’t want to go too much.。
“I’m sure to wash it.,Big master,You will put 10,000 hearts。”