Maybe she will die in this process。
Many of the supporters in the Temple of Zhangwang,There are many hardcore followers,If you really do,Learn from Zhou Zhi to the monster,These monsters will go with her in sorrow.。
The monster thinking is really different.。
Chapter 645 Table brother is very intimate and generous
“His Royal Highness,Any command to be released??”Red dyed payment,Elegant gesture。
“No,Just just think about it, see you,It’s too hasty last time.。”The Temple of the Temple is holding a can.,Expensive tea,She feels Coke update odd,“Moreover, you don’t have to do more,You just have died.。”
“……”Red dyeing some speechless,Turn the topic,“How to stay in this little girl’s body?”
“good,It is a bit boring。”
“Just some??”
“All right!Very bored!”
“About your new body and memory transfer,We are very good,Maybe you have the opportunity to experience this novel world.。”Red dye,“How much,The new body is definitely not as strong as you were originally,The spirit is on her body。”
“Don’t be so powerful,When a little demon is also very good。”榆 王 殿 下 摆 摆 摆,Very openly,“In fact, I still want to be only a small monster.。”
“Then you can have a lot of money.。”
“That’s best……”
Zhou Zhi quietly listening to them talking,There are more guess in my heart.。
Maybe there is another reason,It is the Temple of the Dun, I don’t want to be a temple again.,So to block the message。
For a long time——
They have talked about the preparatory process for the migration plan。
Red dye knows that Zhou Zi will hore,Specially detailed:“Preparation began very early,Progressing well,But because of the large number of engineering,Even the monsters in the world come together,In addition, the mirror area saves us the stage of testing error.,Also at least will be completed next year。”
Speaking of her, she suddenly:“Mainly some monsters may not be willing to leave this world.,We have to consider their survival issues after they leave the world.。”
Zhouzhi nodded。
Monster race wants to continue,Just migrate the hometown world.,Part of the monster will not affect it at all。
The hometown of the hometown has moved to the earth in the universe.,Missel monsters live in the earth universe,Some monsters have long been regarded as their second home.,Familiar with the rules of this world、Grass a wooden,Familiar with the human world,Others have formed a friend with humans.,Choosing left is not difficult to understand。
Just the monster relying on the hometown of the hometown,The hometown of the hometown leaves,How do they survive??
Zhou Zhiwei,Imagine。
This is not his caring.,Monsters in the monsters will solve this problem。
Zhou Zhiyu,Asked:
“Will you stay??”
Red dyeing did not answer directly,But I am blinked to him.:“Do you want my sister to stay??You don’t want me.,I will not go。”
“anything else?”
“I dont want you to go。”
“Do not。”Ding-dye correction,“It is a sister.。”