Even if he will show three,Will not inherit the home,Not even if the family
but,Whether it is clear or Mingwu,They all shot in secret。
He is so,What’s more, those who have grown from the giants.。
The father seems to think about what,Horn hooked a smile,“Your mother is outside three years,In the younger generation, you can be described as a hundred wins.,But she is finally lost to a person.。”
Summer,Demonstrate,“who is it。”
He heard a similar rumor,Just because Xiajiu flaws to give a person,Mountain school。
“it is me。”
The father of Li’s father came to the face of a few embarrassments.,But there are also a little proud,“That is,She is attacked,I am just right,I was only forty-three years old at the time.,I can’t see it.,Join your mother to run those people.,I didn’t know that your mother is also a summer family.,Also implied her heart……Ha ha,I want to come now.,I am afraid she already knows.。”
Paused,Also,“But I didn’t think,Your mother is not with me.,As a result, she is of course defeated.……But that year,She is only thirteen,At that time,Your mother I know,I see her is so obsessed with the sword.,Sword method is so high,So I suggest she go to the three swords.,The most powerful mountain swords sent at the time, respectively.,And the most long-lasting Lushan sword,There is also very mysterious Dongyue sword,Later I only know,She first has the mountain sword.。”
Summer god is surprised,I haven’t thought of this secret during the period.。
http://www.wecanvalve.cn But he did not speak,Continue to listen。
Father swaying hands,“Universal,Even if I arrived at the mountain,No one hides your mother’s light,The so-called mountain seven sword,Both become a companion,Three years later,Your mother goes down the mountain.,Her first thing is to find me。”
to here,Master is smirk,“You must guess,I am not her opponent.,I also have a forgotten year with your mother.,later,I will stay with her back to the summer home.……”
Master is awkward,“The time in Xia Jia……Your mother is in mutant.,Her life is only in the sword,Will not 觊觎 Xia family’s power,But still,No matter what she has,I hope I am willing to be willing.,She is there,Such as a round of sun,Let everyone have eclipsed,Xiajia people regard her as a family,But always be vigilant,There are some people,I have secretly hit your mother,It’s http://www.renchenghualang.cn even a restless。”
“Later, your mother is three years of test sword.,I don’t know how many masters are smashed in her sword.,In this time,The contradiction of your mother and Xia family finally broke out,Xia Jia people think that your mother killed so many foreign masters,Sin of sinful,Is in the summer,And your mother thinks,Those who have been killed。”
The old man deeply spit out a sigh,“later,Your mother has also encountered various conspiracy calculations.……Just some people know,In fact, the summer is behind the back.,It’s getting bigger and bigger,More and more intense,Finally, it has become a disaster that is not in jam.。”
Summer double eyes are together,The killing of the eyes is like the clouds in the clouds.。
He can’t help but ask,“Don’t she notice??”
“How can I notice?。”
The old man smiled,“Just your mother’s advice,Didn’t open the summer ugly face,Repeatedly,But let them get inch,Finally, the world is united to kill your mother.,Xia Jia first premiere,Because they are very early when you are very,I gave her poison.,That chronic poison,It has been completely integrated into her blood, this is giving them courage.,Has repeatedly deal with your mother。”
Summer cold channel,“Who is the poison?”
“Summer is notble!”
Master did not hesitate to spit out three words。
Summer shape is like a lightning strike,stunned。
He looked at the father,In the eyes,Is a very strong unbelievable。
He also didn’t think of it.,The final answer to yourself,It’s these three words!
Summer is notble!
The poison is actually her!
“At that year,Multi-to-have much more than you think。She not only gives you a mother to poison,Even in the event of final battle,Also personally shot, sneak attack, pay your mother。”
NS2754chapter One person fights in the world
Summer’s brain,Several near white。