Hu Lu master sitting on the stone pier sitting in the hospital in summer。
“That is three hundred years ago.,I have just promoted the beast kingdom.,Then I met my old friend。”
Hu Lun has a honest panda head,Alley is also a facefulness。
“Only he is very recognized about my refining body.,but……He also believes,My refining method is unable to spread in the flood world.。”
Merely,He smiled bitterly,“缥缈 老友 tell me,My refining body is no longer an algorithm.,But it became a kind of mystery,I didn’t know what is mystery at the time.,I don’t think the words of old friends,Think that my refining path can carry forward,So I received a lot of apprentices.。”
Summer make a serious listening attitude,Asked,“and after?”
“later……Just as he said,Those people don’t understand my refining,And I am in some key,Unable to use language description,Look at personal comprehension。”
He shook his head,“after that,My refining body has become a joke.,these years,I have been drilling some books left to me.,All the books in the books are about the basics of Xuanao.。”
He looks straight to the summer,The pair of big panda eyes have God,“Now I believe,My refining,Is a kind of mystery。”
Toned,Also,“Nature of the refining body,In fact, it is the same,Both strengthen the strength of the body,Enhancement,By absorbing magic,Let the flesh becomes more powerful。”
Merely,He reveals a feeling of emotion,“When I was still an ordinary blacksmith,Take a lot of iron,Sometimes I will think,Refining body,Will not be the same as the iron,Constantly tempering,Leave its essence,Go to their mess。”
“But that is what I have given more doubts.,Just like this knife。”
Hu Lun Master。
A white light is in the right side of a stone house,Falling into the hidden man。
NS3301chapter genius
This is a long knife for a long one meter.,Overall dark blue,Only a blade is like a white line,Reflected Sen Francisco。
The hooker master will be in the stone table,Refer to the blade。
Summer look。
I saw a knife to engrave an extremely fine ripple.,It looks messy,In fact, introspection。
“I don’t understand runes.,But the weapon created,There will be such a similar ripple,The most basic effect,This pattern can be the fastest and most effective way of transmitting magic,Or is the magic between the inspiration。”
He looks straight to the summer,“At that time, I was thinking.,I can’t understand runes.,Why can you create a weapon?,There will be runes?”
Summer is thoughtful,Demonstrate,“It should be an internal display?”
Hu Lun Master is stunned,Contain a discussion,“right,This is also what I wanted later.,These ripples,This belongs to the weapon itself,And I have given an idea at the time.。”
His pair of panda eyes are more bright.,“I can practice my own flesh like a tie.,Homemade a refining method。”
He looks straight to the summer,“Then one day,I will promote the beast.。”
Seeing that the summer is like understanding,Hugu Master wrist。
An animal book book appears in the palm,Hand over。
“This is the one hundred and eight actions I summed up.,Just foundation,Two most important,The first point,Make these movements,Need to match a specific breathing rhythm,Second point,That is to turn them into a whole,This whole……I still can’t express clear languages and text.,Can only demonstrate it,Just look at your personal understanding。”
Summer standing,Grateful,“Thank you。”
……Since this day,Summer is here staying here。
On the afternoon,He learned a hundred and one action in the beast leather book.。