no doubt,This thing is next,What should I do if I don’t want to handle?。
In fact itself,Still let them realize,These these,It’s a very good opportunity.。
After a while,This,Shen Xuan is slightly shrugging,Don’t forget it here。
“A bit of meaning,But now,Current this,What is going on, is it still not enough?。”
When Shen Xuan’s words,Liang Xin wants to speak。
But Shen Xuan has been up,A punch is on his body。
Liang Xin did not expect these whole people.,Whole people,Heavy fell on the ground。
When those people see this scene,Inverted, some beginners are not。
“This,how so?”
“Yes,How is the boss defeated so soon??”
“Let’s follow,What should I do??”
This,In the hearts of those people around,It’s very anxious.。
Next,This thing should be intended,What kind of way is used to solve the current thing?。
at this point,It is still quite a headache。
But just like this,In fact, something else is,It’s all whit.,What will I say?。
And look at these,In fact, it is its own extent,Shen Xuan is watching,I don’t forget to say it directly here.。
“Although it is said so far,But think about it carefully,http://www.szmrchcasyqffh.cnIn fact,Still a big cut。”
Shen Xuan put his hand,Very indifference。
After all, I will follow it.,This starts from the fundamental degree,The next step is how to deal with it.。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is inversely the root,Not feel,Current this,What effect will it affect?。
“Let your monks come over!”
Chapter 574 Your threat is useless
Just when Shen Xuan is still talking。
not far away,A voice,Suddenly sound。
“Who is looking for me?!”
This sound,Not someone else,It is the master of Liang Shou’s master Liang Siren。
With the sudden appearance of Liang Siren,obviously,For others,Still how much it is shocking。
After all, now,Liang Siren suddenly appeared,It is a matter of matter.。
That is for this matter,Thoroughly solved。
Liang Siren is firm,When I look at Shen Xuan,It’s sudden to laugh.。 “young people,You are very persistent.,But you have known,here,Is where our Liang family!”
Liang Siren’s sight moves slightly,The fall of the next consciousness,Look at,Side, I didn’t forget to speak on the front of my eyes.。
And with the words of Liang Siren say,For Shen Xuan,Shen Xuan smiled。
“These,How can I not know??”
“I have a number in my heart.,And now,It is already mine here.!”
Shen Xuan’s words,Domineering side leakage。
even so,Instead, it is already completely awkward.。
Even because of these,It has already made everyone can’t get defense.。