Gao Boyi smiled and said Yang Su,Scared that the other party is not allowed to retreat one step。
I have a few seconds,Yang Su is on the front of the sound and ask:“Leader,Is this really a command??Myself?”
“good,This box is designed with a few wooden business.,You will always pass the best.,I am afraid that I can’t take a person.。”
Eastern History of History, the Han Shuyi, the Han Shuyi, clearly pointed out that the soldiers were divided into four schools.,The soldier four is also called the soldier four potential,Soldier、Bing Yin Yang、Military situation、Troops,They have various lengths and practical use,The military law strategy used in almost all the generals used。
The Art of War、Sun Wei Fan、Wu Zi、Sixty、Mingshand, etc.,Miscellaneous thoughts。
Among them, Xiang Yu is a representative of the situation.,The core of the military situation is in the tactical use of the tactics,Drive for the army like an arm,Know how to insulate、Attack and defense、Charger, etc. to achieve the maximum war victory。
It is clear,This is the road of Gao Changgong。
And the history of Yang Su is obviously the way of walking troops and soldiers.。
Let Yang Su participate in this battle,It is also Gao Biyi wants to see it.,How is it a way to fight?,Where is the key to the victory?。
“Leader,Then I will come according to my own way.?”Yang Su Tested and asked。
“good,Just reach the effect I want to do.。”
Yang Su hands holding boxing,Excitedly got Gao Bao mixed array,He is not afraid of playing.,This battle is just practicing his hand for him.,No pressure。
The days have been in the past two days,From Dengzhou news,Section of all troops,Leave Huaizhou Biyang City,Straight Wancheng
Solitary correspondence and Yuwen constitution less than 20,000 weeks,Wancheng,Guard
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS532chapter Fate(Down)
“Qin Fang Tai?Are you not lung??How did I come here??”
Gao Biyi looked at the ribernary of this Confucian but also the servant,Asked。
Two people have seen many times,It is very good for each other.。
“Silang doesn’t listen to me,Hard is to stick to Huaihe ferry,I have already become a sleepy beast.,I am also very helpless.。”
Qin Fang is too laughing at Gao Bao,It’s entirely a pair didn’t put the other side as a model.。Cause no,His eldest son Qin love,11 years old this year。He is now in Qizhou,Learning to study the government affairs with Gao Baoyi’s father-in-law。
So this time he came to Gao Biyi Camp,In fact, I don’t worry about itself.。
“Silang is a martial gas,He wants to prove yourself,Then I have to fulfill him.。”
Gao Biyi has no more calling shrug。He went over and pulled the Qin Fang Tai ‘s:“This battle,Your master will have ideas for you.,Think you don’t have a good four。
Don’t,You will go to me in the future.。certainly,Your family is more than you,Other people still mixed with the royalty,Do not affect them。
And I also surnamed high,You don’t matter to change the door.?”
This is quirky,Qin Fang thought too much.,Looks like Gao Bao married high,The two sides have not been released in the marriage.,He is indeed that the Gao Bao is really not a change in the door.。
to be exact,Even help Qin’s family found another way.。
“Can you wait for the temple to return to the city??”
It is clear,Qin Fang is too moving,the reason is simple,Because Gao Chang doesn’t listen to him,Many times。 For the scene,There is a planned key,That is called,Lost is nature。
“This is nature,You will want this to go back to the city.。The sword on the battlefield,If he is dead under my sword,That is also the fate makes。
Battlefly no father,What’s more。”
See Gao Baoyi said,Qin Fang understood that the new generation of new generations of miracles is already borrowed there.,Don’t feel distressed,At that time, these people still have to give Yuwen.,And they will be our enemies in the future.。
What makes your life? What is your life??”
I didn’t expect Gao Bao to be so belly black.,I remember the plan for the previous plan,He more feeling that the opponent’s heart is deep,Heavy heart。
“If you are responsible,Everything you explain,Yang Su must do the best”