Increase in gravity,Let Spring feel that every place in the body is enhanced,Don’t even need him to do too much high strength training,His enhanced speed is already very fast。
have to say,It is good to use gravity cultivation.,This time,His progress is very large,Almost flying general progress。
This also benefits from his current body,This body has sufficient potential to consume。
Not afraid,http://www.99lebao.cn This makes him can rest assured that bold cultivation。
Attribute cultivation springs have not yet,Before entering space,He will divide a lot of shadow,Refining fire properties。
After coming out,Direct transfer to repair memory。
But it is very slow to practice relative to the body.,If you can’t do this, he will reach four layers of activation first.,Complete the cultivation of attributes。
As for cooperation with sandy village,Spring is not special,This is just for future preparation。
The conditions of the country are not complicated。
Every year,Spring will help them make a forest。
Not they don’t want multiple points,But their environment here is too bad.。
Forests also need people to protect and develop,And the water source also needs to find。
The environment that changed the country is not to be completed.,And the wide range of use of wood also needs to consume horrible Chakra。
They also don’t want to have to ask for the spring,After all, there are very few aspects of spring.,Although the Spring is not the consumption of Kera。
Beast,He even consumes the yang.。
And it is the foundation of Spring.,He understands the cause of the initial generation,Use wooden excessive consumption of Yang,Not complement,Not monster。
Yang is directly linked to vitality,Once the consumption is completed,The stronger body can’t hold it.。
The situation in the country,Half a year,It is suitable for them to develop,It is used to make more。
And the spring is hard to get a quiet practice time.,In order not to compete,The League of Sandy Village and Sky Parliament is still in a confidential state。
The country is also so happy,This secret can be hidden, the better better.,This makes them more developed。
Although some abnormalities may be found,But as long as the Spring does not say,Others will not think they have been with the sky parliamentary.。
One time,The role seems to become very quiet。
But there is still some incidents fermentation in the dark.。
Wooden leaf。
The three generations are holding a test tube watch.,And it is a champion that is constantly changing like a http://www.gsp12580.cn rotten mud.。
“Is this a ghost jur?,It’s really strange”Three generations whisper。
“Yes,Three generations,This is a creature I found out.,Have an unparalleled compatibility”A pair of faces on a face show a pair of eyes,High man wearing a white robe,I said behind the three generations.。
“hehe,Humble call,I caught you back.,You have no heart to reject,And I have to win your research results”Three generations directly。
“of course not,Can serve the three generations of adults,it’s my honour,only。。。。”Switch,I hesitate。
“Just”Three generations of interested。
“Just I hope that the three generations of adults can make me be the first experimental item.”Humble。
“Oh,Actually be willing to be a experimental item”Three generations have been surprised。
“I want to complete this technique.,But I don’t have a way to get http://www.gzballs.cnso much blood in myself.,And this technique has a shortcomings,All of this requires the help of the three generations of adults.”Swite said sincerely。
As a strong ninja,Sworm calls against one person is very difficult to catch blood,It’s just that it is now just blending a blood.。
Also, you can’t get people, no ghosts.。
But he doesn’t care at all.,He just wants to be a perfect ninja。