This time,Many of his chess is to be with Xuan Yuxi.。
For Xuan Yu,Only after actually commitment, I will understand the power of this man before.。
This man is a true monster。
Sure enough, this boat is right.,Only with monsters,Can improve your strength。
“Wisdom,Your expression is very good.,But there are still several problems need to be pointed out.。”Yinchuan Longhe Here, Rehabilitate。
Remove those neurological words,The most simple Go terminology,The most straightforward chess,Only in this time,Xuan Yuxi will only realize the identity of the other person,Instead of returning from deep sea。
Re-end,Yuechuan Longhe is also active,Stepping on a light tapping to the deck,Appreciating a fearful night deep sea。
Xuan Yuxi is accompanied by etiquette。
It is not a field here.,There is a shell-like artificial floating island in the sea.。
There is only the black night sea in the most innocent,The day of the servant,Xuan Yu is still interested in farming night sea,Feel the stimuli of the scalp。
I have a long time.,Only the least original creatures left.。
And Yuechuan Long has actually overlooks there.,The expression is quite true,Like a lonely beautiful man missing the distant wife。
Especially tonight is still a thunderstorm night,The sea is more uneasy。
At this time,Electro light spreads from the sky,Illuminated the far sea,It also illuminates the shadow of the Yuechuan dragon dragged on the deck。
A huge deformed monster,The only clear thing is the double wing of the dragon。
Xuan Yuxi played a cold war。
“Ah,Excuse me,Wisdom,Forget what I just saw。”Yuechuan Longqi came back to the head and smiled,The slender figure is on the deck is a cross.。
Strange、conspiracy、powerful、evil,And justice and light,Everything that contradicts the fate of the contradiction is in the rain.。
finally,Arrived528No,Everyone is assembled under the banner of Dragon.。
Chapter 71 · Great channel
Harbor in the night rain,The light beam of the lighthouse is coming back to the rain curtain,TV station helicopter hovering in high altitude,Overlooking the close, the following is too much fighting spirit。
“It is now broadcasting the dragon battle scene.,Pretext300People’s players are ready to go,Always step into the battlefield!”Helicopter,The reporters are endlessly explained by heavy rain.。
Helicopter pulls the highest angle,Brushing the whole cruise ship with the gesture。
200Length above,50High and wide,Thousand people’s receiving volume,Although than those of the world’s top giant luxury cruise,But it is also considered a small sea city.。
Its predecessor is Afpel Princess,It seems to be a US cruise company,The biggest feature of this company is to use the princess number to name the ship.。
But at this moment for this chess battle,It has a new name,Dragon Palace。
Donghai Dragon Palace,This is its best explanation。
Anti-moving waves burst,Rain is mad,This phenomena in front of me is like an armed castle.,Ready to fight。
Hundreds of hearts are beating hotly,Pass or friendly between each other,Or hostile signal,Of course, some people are in the heart of tourism.。
The mountains have a big breath on the side.,May be too nervous,Macsu Yajiang helps him to shoot back。
There is also a group of Narita, Junji, and the original documentary,They talk to their interviewed lenses。