After the convergence,Linghu pushes the piano,As for the Chu Deirers……Be unhappy,Qu Nei smoke has already made a piano。
This seven-string of the piano,Now there is no fixed general writing form,The piano score written down,Linghu Chong also can’t understand,However, it is possible to see the adjustment.。
After that, the Fox Chong and Yulin have to find a head.,Not so“suspicious”Rehearsal,At this time, it is not good to bring the tanker.。
Although Fei Bin is dead,Theoretical other five-school swordsman,I don’t know the little girl of Qu justig.,And the relationship between,But after all, two are five-year-old disciples,If it is found in the future,Maybe some difficulties。
If there is no one now,Some difficulties are not afraid,But since there is a Chu Deire,The two will pay the color of the smoke to the Chu Deirers.。
Although this death,80% of the people in the sun and moon, people walking cold,But the Shengnun is still a greatest,And and the little girl with the tobia is also very good.,As long as the Shenggu,It is safe。
Who can more than non-smoke,What big loss can’t be eaten in the rivers and lakes,Before, if it is not a song and Liu Zhengfeng will die,Even if Fei Bin wants to kill her,Not necessarily!
After that, the spectrum is said to the Chu Deirers.,Chu Deirers also write ways to use 唢唢 digital spectrum,Record down。
After returning to Hengshan City,I still bought it.——Changed it is a seven string,It is not so easy to buy.……
Seeing the Chu Deirers so seriously,It seems really to learn《Swordsman song》Time,Qu Nei smoke is not so happy,only……Looking at the sulf of the sully waist,But some dislike!
After worshiping your grandfather,Qu-called non-smoke emotional adjustment is very fast,Or……Sad emotion,Hidden very fast。
“唢唢 prototype,From Persian in Central Plains,Tone、Vague……Musical instrument discrimination is wrong!”Chu Deiren。
“Oh,In fact, I didn’t say anything.。”Qufounded smoke。
In fact, 唢唢 is not bad,Compared to the seven string、琵琶 类,It is convenient to carry,The main Chu deer does not want to practice other,It’s not much more music cells.!
Why bother is difficult?
It should not be instructed to be introduced.,However, the Chu Deiren already knows a gentle way,Naturally, I will not miss it.!
“You have determined that there is no right way to know you right.?Then I can take you to Liu Fu.。”Chu Deirers have specially confirmed it again。
“Liu Gong’s two apprentices,I have seen me twice.,Maybe you can guess some,As for others……In fact, don’t say that it is a pseudo.,People who know me in teaching are very small.。We are in Hengshan City,I can find holy arself.。”Qu Nei smoke is very confident,After all, I will walk the rivers and lakes.。
“Do not,I can take you nearby.,In fact, I have encountered the people of the Sun Moon.,It should also be for your grandfather and Liu predecessor.,Just don’t know if the lead is not a holy。”Chu Deirers are not very worried,After all, it is still a child.。
“kindness?Who have you encountered??”Qu Nian’s horses。
“Yan Samsung,There are still five do not know,Also died。”Chu Deirers answered。
“Is the exterior of the holy teaching……It must be a holy aunt to save your grandfather.!They are dead in the Lushan?”
“Do not,Die in my hand。”
Qu non-smoke:……
Chu Deirers will see the righteous things before,Say to the smoke,Don’t care about them or half of them and“Same”。
Sure enough, the smoke hears,Also a big sigh:Kill、Kill!
“But you just have to save a strange woman.?Have you seen it??”Currently asked。
“Should look good,Unworthy。”After all, the Chu Deiren saw it once.,And even the sound did not hear,I only remember。
“Then why do you save me and grandfather??”Qu-non-smoke can’t help but ask。
“I saved the woman innocent,Save you is also innocent,Contradictory??”Chu Deirers inexplicably watching Qu Nei。
“Inconsistent……”Quyan with a tubile tooth,I was also hired for a while.。
Also understand Chu deer and the pseudo gentleman,And the so-called lifetime……Nor like the same!
Chapter 50 Expose
“You follow the holy,Will not learn bad?Would you like me to introduce you to the teacher’s water??”Chu Deirers are somewhat unfamed。
“Do not,I still don’t learn to grab the people.!Say……Why is ordinary women in a red dress take a shower in the wilderness?”Qu-frozen cigarettes noted blind spots。
“I am strange to say.……What should I have nearby?。”Chu Deiren gave an answer to the science。
“correct,that……Liu Preteen and Drang,There is no other other to pay me.?”The Chu Deiren made a thirsty voice.。
Take the smoke alert:“What do you want to pay??”