Zhao Xiaoying used the nose bowel tube,Will let the pipe directly enter the patient’s small intestine supply http://www.inewbalance.cn nutrition,Will not pass through the duodenum。
Such a duodenal intestine does not increase,Food will not secrete pancreatic liquid,Reduce damage to pancreas。
The patient’s nutritional demand is satisfied,The pancreas are not disturbed,It can be described as two。
Start,Zhao Xiaoying began a difficult journey of constant blood.。
Four blood purification,The process is very difficult,every time“Change blood”For Zhao Xiaoying, it is a big challenge.,The harmful substance of the body is reduced again,Everything is moving in the direction。
The days have passed every day.,This is the Zhao Xiaoying insisted on the anticoagulant scheme.,A few blood purification,The purpose is to eliminate thrombosis,Let Zhao Xiaoying can breathe freely as soon as possible.。
Ten days later,Zhao Xiaoying’s abdomen is gradually http://www.yulejx.cn become,Different previous pain intensities and number of incidence,Bloating、The number of abdominal pain and pain are slowly reduced。
Pain reduction,Face is not so bad。
Zhou Yewu also found that abdominal muscles were so stiff like admission.,It is not so obvious that Zhao Xiaoying’s pain is not so obvious.。
Her color has also become a lot.……
But the skin is still like a passion,A face of illness。
Zhao Xiao’s breathing status is gradually become,The oxygen concentration of the ventilator is also lowered every day.,I believe that the ventilator can be taken soon.。
Here,Zhou Ye can be full of expectation。
Li Hua is still a dayicuOutside the ward,Zhou Niwu will also communicate with him from time to time.,Tell him the latest situation of Zhao Xiaoying。
icuThe treatment cost is still quite expensive,one day4k,I don’t know if I have already spent it.3Million dollars。
And Zhao Xiaoying is not a newgWard,Just ordinary patient,It is not to live with newgPatient with isolation ward,So I can’t reimburse it all.……
Here,Li Hua is nothing:“It is a good illness that can use money.,If Xiaoyan is not good,I don’t use it more.。”
Li Hua is a middle-level employee of state-owned enterprises.,Less than a year40More than 10,000,So there is not much to spend money.。
Subsequent days,Zhao Xiaoying’s various physical indications are also slowly improved,Restore normal level,Everyone saw the dawn of cure。
Probably only two weeks later,A few days of indicators to develop good,Zhao Xiaoying took away the ventilator,Take the tracheal intubation,Can breathe freely。
Before you get sick,People can probably understand free breathing and satisfaction,I have walked from the ghost door to Zhao Xiaoying’s deep understanding。
Now she is still weak because of treatment of the body.,But you can open your eyes and look at the ward.,Can speak a few words with Zhou Ye,What is good to look at the previous thing?。
“thank you,doctor。”Zhao Xiaoying looked at the Wild, I suddenly said in the ward.。
Zhou Yewu is also a cold behind it.,Even busy:“Do not talk,have a good rest,You are still oxygen in oxygen,Underwent。”
Although Zhao Xiaoying although these days have been mad。
But she can still hear the sound around the bed.。
I know what happened in myself these days.。