Toned,He also,“Later, behind the young master,We started investigations in order to thoroughly investigate the cause of the young master.……”
Summer nice head,Ask,“You said before,My father is in the final stage……”
“I am me。”
Put in this way,Strong face has an exciting and indignant expression on the face,“Five years ago,I came to this place with the young master.,At that time, we live in the bliss paradise.,Last halfnight,Young master went out……”
The eyes of the breeze have a strong sadness,“Then we left this place the next day.,I have a low power,I didn’t see anything at the time.,But after we leave,Young master is ill fallen,I have been serving around,Before the death,Young master told me……”
The ground on the ground is suddenly cracking,Summer stopping,Have not turned back,“Say anything。”
“Young master,Treat him,Hand cream,Then send the ashes to Dragon City Tianlongmen,Tianlong Gate knows how to do……Young master!Young master is not serious ill,He is killed!”
Summer eyes slightly。
His heart is falling into the abyss.。
Very lost。
Always,He has a lucky,I think the people are not dead.。
Maybe hidden in the dark。
But if the breeze is true……Also predict,The mind is really dead.。
At the same time, it is also right.。
When I went to Tianlong Gate in the summer,Expeed to ask for specially,Tianlongmen head is also unknown。
But someone sent the ashes to the mouse。
And that person,It is the breeze in front of you。
At this time,Breeze sound。
“Young master tells us,Also said after he went,Let us also scattered,A general person,But we are not sweet.……”
Breeze,“Our seven people follow the young master from small.,How can I say scattered?,These years,We have been secretly investigating the cause of the young master.,It is also through the Tianlong Gate,We learned the true identity of the young master,But we dare not go home,Because young master has once again,We are strictly forbidden to investigate,That will give us a disaster……”
He stood slightly,Looking at the sky,A deep breath,“We violate the landscape of young masters,Still investigated,The initial progress is slow,But with the investigation,One of our people will start an accident.,Now,I only have me.。”
Summer turn,Stare with him,“What have you investigated?。”
Breeze lightly,But in the sound, there is no endless hate.。
“Is the Guardian Alliance,Young master,Although we have no evidence,But but dare to determine,It must be the hand under the guardian alliance,Even very likely to be the guardian alliance,That person is called Junli!”
Last two words,The breeze is almost biting his teeth.。
Guardian Alliance。
Jun Lin。