This is a very rare thing,Naturally, the ban on the tomb is very unusual.。
Original Xiaoqian is certainly not so terrible。
With the dark rays,In the ancient tomb, there is a living in the vital horror in recovery,And very powerful。
Dark footsteps sound,Want to force the ban on the ancient tomb,check it out。
This is the confrontation between the magic and the tomb of the tomb.。
That one is so fast。
Ashes form a pair of footprints,Footprint grows a beautiful ghost,Its face is a bit blurry,But soon very clear,This is a familiar face.。
“Xiao Qian!”
But there is a big difference with the past Xiaoqian.,There is an unbeatable unpredictable,Even the immortal charm。
“Old ancestors。”
Suddenly,Ghost opening。
Her face is pale,The sound and the past Xiao Qian did not separate,Just feeling deep。
“Who are you?”Great devil,Deep pressure on the body,Wrapd an ancient tomb and ghost,Did not give the other part half escape space。
As long as one is dangerous,Even if it is a human,Licking incorrectly!
“I am Xiao Qian。”
“If it is just this answer,You can never speak。”
The big devil did not get satisfactory answer,Release more percentage,The void is full of unbearable depression,Ghost shadow,Under powerful pressure,Even ancient tomb is like being erased。
Greatness of the terror,Beyond this time“Xiao Qian”Cognition,It is a little panic。
Ghost is Xiaoqian’s beauty,Slightly colorful,Just like a pear,It seems more beautiful,But I can’t drive the magic heart.。
It is still constant。
This process relies on itself to reverse。
Its panic is a camouflage or true,Can’t change the attitude of the big devil。
Ghost shadow makes a quiet sigh,“The ancestor is still the ancestor,I am also Xiao Qian.,Just Xiao Qian who saw before the ancestor,Not exactly the same,I have some memories and other things.。”
“What kind of memory?An old existence invaded you?Or you have awakened the powerful past?”Big devil。
But his problem fits the essence of ghosts。
And with the big devil,Ghost,It has become faster。
It has an extremely complex emotion in his heart.,The ancestor is still like this,It’s a bit gratifying,Some sadness,But these complex emotions have not been able to continue to brew in it.,Because it brew,Even your existence is estimated to be erased。
Do you want to fall again?“Sleep”。
“Can the old ance you can say slowly??”
“You still have a tea time。”
The output of the big magic did not stop,“Xiao Qian”The process of being raised is still。