“whats the matter,Although said。”Mu Jun Wang smiled and nodded。
“These people, I will bring them abroad.,You also saw it.,Holy Springs quenching,Big http://www.1016photostudio.cn brother helps to open the second pulse,Don’t you think this is too comfortable??”Xu Wenqiang explained:“Only the real war baptism,They can grow up。”
“good,Similarly, there is a stable life in life and death.,Their realm is too unstable.。”Big flying also walked up:“Don’t say they,It is a few of us to improve the realm of Tan medicine.,Not very stable,Now and to the brother,We have fewer definitions。”
“you are too humble。”Laughing to the sky:“Your king is born,Combat experience is rich。”
“What he said is the fact,How do you consider??”Mu Jun looked at night lonely,Heavenly President,Cheng Tianlong a few people。
“We have no opinions,Only the baptism experienced,Can grow up,Otherwise, you can only die in the enemy’s hand in the future.。”Cheng Tianlong’s head。
“good,And now you don’t need them,But in the future,We can’t always come out.。”Tiannan president also nodded:“Their generation must grow up。”
“I agree,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,I will give you two people lead,You should have no problem.?”Lonelled the two people。
“no problem!”Big flying and Xu Wenqiang have。
“Try to minimize casualties。”Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang,Heavenly President,The night is lonely four people watching the two people.,Improved danger they know。
Just don’t take a risky,In the future, death is even more miserable。
They are all big people,This kind of thing has long been seen.,This is no way,Can’t avoid things,Your love can only speed up their death,Must be,Let them live。
“rest assured,We must do our best。”Big fly。
“That’s good,correct,Tiannan can’t go。”Suddenly open to Tiange,After all, it is there.,He is young,Serve as,Can’t send the future because of this。
“Do not worry,I can’t let him say anything.,He is one of the hopes of our Chamber of Commerce in politics。”Cheng Tianlong smiled and opened his mouth:“And in the future, experts will also protect them.。”
They also have the position of someone who is not here.,Some people in the same Mujia and night home,Survive in China,There must be someone in the political,These people are their future hope。
The original family is single-player。
This time is different.,Can be united,Integration of resources,And also not lack of money,Vigorously support the development of several people in politics。
When a few people talking,Lin Feng also completed the task,The ground on the ground is sitting on the top of the twenty-four movements.,Every momentum is like a rainbow。
“Big brother,Come down,Have something to discuss。”Lin Feng is preparing to train others,The voice of the flying in the distance came。
Damu is preparing to go to overseas fighting.,After all, Lin Feng is the master.,Require Lin Feng’s first。
NS207chapter Six o’clock
“whats the matter?Big fly。”Lin Feng went to the past,Come to everyone’s side。
“Big brother,Things are like this,I decided with Aqiang,Bring this group of people to overseas implementation tasks。”Daxi explained:“They are now too easy to get,Real combat experience,Must be baptized in the war。”
“This is a good thing,I totally agree。”Lin Feng Road:“Who team lead?”
“I and Aqiang two team leaders。”Daxi explained:“include,Two tigers,Huang Mao also wants to go。”
“Ha ha,no problem,You go although you go,Chamber of Commerce full support。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“This is also necessary,Mood down,Prepare for future battle,Our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will rise,Inevitably accompanied by blood rain,Must kill。”
it is necessary,For example, the crescent lake Jewelry Processing http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn Sales Co., Ltd. is more than 100 billion people in one year.,What gives this money?
Must take it back,And you don’t resist,They will further pinch you,Take you,Take a meat every day。
So you must solve these things with fists.。
Only people who die,Let the other party respect you。
“Thank you big brother。”Big flight。
“polite,I suggest you divide the two teams.,The people of your people are too much.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“People who don’t understand and think that you are illegal.。”
“I know,I will lead a team with Aqiang everyone.。”Big flying laughing。