Settle down,Li Tianzhen checked the injuries of the instructor and others,It turned out that he was helpless,Instructor、Sheng Guangda and Li Ran are slightly better,Quan Xingguo is very serious,Three souls and seven souls basically have a life left,Equivalent to the walking dead。
Modern medical equipment and methods naturally have no way,Taking advantage of Gu Changfeng’s side experts chatting around to make a group of kung fu,Li Tianzhu quietly backed out,Must find a very clean place,Long-term。
Li Tianzhen intends to go deep into the gods to find a cure,Equivalent to retreat,His body is now like an extremely rich treasure house,It’s helpless to digest and use。
Whether it’s the treasure left by Yuwen’s request,Or the gods in the Huoyan Temple,He believes that he can always find a corresponding way,I also intend to take this opportunity to reintegrate the old officials of the Huoyan Temple for his use。
It’s no way to keep these unruly guys always trapped in Nantianmen,Hard to convince,Must use the energy of the gods headed by Venerable Huo Xing,In this great battle of alien gods and demons who rashly appeared in the mortal world,Li Tianzhen’s ability alone is no longer sustainable,The exposed gods and demons are getting stronger and stronger,Hidden dangers are also increasing,It’s already a very severe moment。
Gu Changfeng has been busy for half an afternoon,Hardly even have the time to drink water,Report on emergencies and handling progress、Adjust security、Request equipment and support、Guo Yuxi who has been recalled one after another、Gu Jian、‘Doctors’Wait for the group to meet at the base, etc.,Anyway, like a top spinning,He is constantly shrinking and gathering strength,Even Lan Ling and Wu Fang, who had just recovered from illness, were also summoned.,Seems ready to do a big one。
I didn’t have time to talk to Li Tianzhi until after dinner,He is not the kind of stubborn guy,On the contrary,Extremely shrewd,He knows the seriousness of the situation Li Tianzhen said,Based on his position,There will only be more information,I completely agree with Li Tianzhen’s request for retreat。
Although Gu Changfeng doesn’t know much about retreat,But still prepared a very hidden place for Li Tianzhen,Located in an unknown laboratory on the tenth floor underground,This arrangement implies two meanings,Li Tianzhi understood,Leaving the last two Sombra puppets for Old Gu,The combat power of these two puppets is no better than the god golden puppet refined by Yuwen Qiutong himself,But it’s more than enough to deal with ordinary magicians。
Chapter 809 Eye of Insight
Li Tianzhi was surprised,But not too flustered,The sea of vitality is just a few waves,Calm down soon,Because there is light again visually,And soon the outline of the scene,What is shown in front of me is the picture in my mind,Light blue space,Deep blue ocean,There is a white mist on the sea,Occasionally light and shadow and ribbons slip by,There is even a light boat flickering and appearing。
There is a huge network above the blue space,Translucent,Faintly fluorescent,The vein extends infinitely all around,Contextual cross,To form many grids of different shapes,These grids obscure the sky,Can’t see the margin,It wraps up the entire space like the sky,Spectacular。
This is where Li Tianzhen’s brain is most active in his body、Most important part,There is such a real manifestation in the soul,This is the first time he sees the true content of his mind。
All his knowledge is stored here、Memorized and countless kinds of information,Including those countless memory fragments obtained in the Purple Garden of Liuyun Guan,They are widely distributed on the light blue mesh sky dome like stars,More charming than the clear night sky in midsummer。
Li Tianchou was becoming the first to recognize this vast space‘Walker’prior to,But at that time he only perceives the existence of this mysterious space,Instead of seeing it really like now。
When he was forcibly sent to the training camp by the instructor,Dozens of textbooks to remember within a few days,It’s half a person tall when stacked,then,Never forget、And the ability to swallow and store memory suddenly appeared,Since then,Many strange abilities have emerged one after another,This is also the starting point of his bizarre experience。