So,He was played by this young master.。
The last one passed,Director is a breather,Finally liberated。
woo woo woo woo……Really difficult,Be too difficult!fine,His trendy and tolerance is not the average person can do.,His reputation is also very serious director ,But use in Lu Zaran,It’s the itch of the skating.。
“Director,Everyone is working hard.,I invite dinner.,Everyone is not going to go,After eating, I will go back.。”
Lu Yuli smiled,Looking at the director, apologize。
Director is naturally seeking,Who is delicious, who still eats a box?。
“Thank you for!I want to eat the dried pot bullfrog next door。”
Director indicates something you want to eat.,Don’t have a table of light meals for a while,He today is derailed,I have to eat a little spicy thing to let myself return to the body.。
Lu Yuli smiled nodded:“good,Director,Everyone goes together。”
Lu Lanran make Du Xin to order the order。
He deliberately manages Du Xin:“Du Xin,Concise boss,Light spicy is half。”
“okay,Two less,I will go this.。”
Du Singer left,Follow more than two,He can only fit body more diligently than others。
Lu Yuli looked at Wei Shangxun and Xiu Shu, not far away.。
Wei Shangxun is frustrated to give Yuzi Shu Xu,I have missed the movie time, I can only go next time.。
“Shu Shu,Next time you must promise me,This time is really a relationship。”
The squat is so depressed, he smiled.:“All right ,Shang Xun,We have time to go.,Don’t like this。”
Wei Shangxun is frustrated and suddenly excited。
“When did I defraud you?。”
子 整 自己 东 东,I have no mood tonight.,If you really go to the movie,She really can’t see it.,It is also very sorry。
Everyone is packed and went to have dinner.。
The whole crew is almost full of five tables.。
Lu Yuli never lacks money,Today is a good mood,Let everyone let everyone go to the stomach。
Smart,After sitting down,Only the squats of Shu Na are all of them.。
Lu Qiran can only take Song Jia Ding and her assistant and they take a table.。
When you are in a seat,Wei Shangxun went to the bathroom,This is a chance to give Lu Yuli. ,Sitting directly from the sorrowful side,And the feelings are still particularly natural。
Blindness:“……”子 正 正 想 找 找 离 离,On the table, the phone rang.。
“Baby is coming……”Lu Yuli heard such a ringtone only thought of childish。
The eyes are not looking for the past,I saw that the caller is my big baby.
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