I suggest that our pricing is preferably fixed to a high level.1200,Villa is two thousand eight,Profit,The price will not exceed the peripheral average,Impact customer’s purchase desire。”
Yang Kai swept angle,First of the first one。
One of the founders of the branch,He is also a company’s backbone,Current office manager,Responsible for project management and operation,And the company’s up and down communication、Coordination,His most familiar。
Others nodded,This is the old saying,Analysis is very high。
Wu Hui frowned:“Villa is worth two thousand eight no problem,But the high level is only fixed1200,Earn150piece,Gross profit margin142,It’s too little profitable space.?
Other real estate only one thousand,Is because the location is not good,The property is not yet。
But our property can be different,Villa,The overall environment of the community has improved,High and low match,Also fully take care of the high-level lighting,Overall can also be higher than other real estates,Per flat1200The pricing is a bit too conservative.,I think,Set1250,even1300No problem。”
He is doing engineering,Design confidence is full。
Wang Zhixin agrees:“Lao Wu said,Our real estate is in this,Design is new than other disks,It doesn’t matter that the price is high.,High pricing,Show our unique,Maybe you can buy it more。”
His starting point is low,But people are not stupid,Also diligently,Being this line by Wang,During this time, I have been working hard to learn.,Door road in the real estate industry,Have basically understand。
Qi is not http://www.sportsmagazine.cn exciting:“Our real estate is novelty,But I don’t know if my customer does not buy.,Relatively speaking,Still the most。
Pricing if exceeds the average,The location is the same,Other dishes are sold cheaper than us.,Even if you only be cheap50piece,A set of houses,Less to save thousands of people,Not less,Cheap can buy,Why do people come to buy our expensive house??
From the perspective of sales,I think it is still1200Reasonable pricing。”
Liang Yue attached:“Reason,This is the company’s first project,Still borrowing,Comparative financial pressure,The most important thing is to return funds,I know that I can sacrifice some profit appropriately.。”
This is the financial officer of the company.,The point of view is clear,Make money in the second,Return funds is the premise。
Differentiation of opinions,Each of the two http://www.zhengxingguanye.cn sides,Unhappiness,See you to quarrel。
Wang traffic knocked on the table,Come out:“I have listened.,Saying that it is good,Profitable,But sales should also take into account,There is no opinion between the villa pricing.,Now there is a difference in the high level。”
Everyone nodded。
Wang Flow continues:“The director of Liang said it is very reasonable.,This is the company’s first project,The most important thing is to return funds,Take more sales,I want to buy,Talking about 1,000,Cheap is the key,so,The high-level pricing is set at each flat……1100Bar。”
Quiet a moment in the conference room,Everyone faces each other。
Wu Hui:“1100Will not be too cheap?1200Nothing profit,Certainly1100……What is the difference between white??”
“Yes。”Yang Kai is thinking about it,Abandon,Decisive and Wu Hui standing in the unified front。
Qi Zeah is also surprised,Standing in his angle,Focus on sale is natural,But the problem is……Which is a side weight?,This is clearly a big.。
“Profit still。”Wang traffic sweeps people,Their ideas,He naturally understands。
“Volume rate18Enhanced2,Accounting to each flat cost1150Drop1050,Pricing per flat1100,This is not there50Can block??
and,This is just a high level,Do you want to make a villa??
Both is reinforced,Cost is almost,Even if the quality of the villa is high,The cost is slightly improved,Also tall too much,But two thousand eight price,It is not a star half of the high level.,Is this profit not enough??
I finally emphasized a sentence.,Currently only a phase development,There is also a second phase behind、Third phase,Profit is not the purpose,Retreating funds is a top priority。
With cash flow, we can continue to develop the next issue.,Or add another stove to the new project。
so,The most important task at present is to sell the house.,A cage fund,The second also gives us a real estate.。
Live more people,Second phase、Third period is better,Profit,Can be found from the second phase of the second phase。