After the decision,Han Jiang called the buds。
“Budding,I want to take Qiangana to see the Manta Shahuahua Sea of Siberia.,This time……”When you say this, Hanjiang is careful。
In the time of imaginary space,Two people are not all newers,The first time I met my lips because my teeth,That……
“Go back,I have me in here.。”Soft buds。
Bud coat is a talented woman with knowledge,As the strength is completely,The core permissions of Santa Feria are gradually open,There are more and more things you know.。
About the second crash,Bud jacket is also known。
Know that the table is full of Mantaha Shahua,It is the place where the mother of Baronia is falling.。
“but……”Bud:“You will come with me first.。”
“What’s wrong?”Say,Han Jiang stood up with buds out of the door。
Schulous jacket supports Hanjiang’s chest with hand:“Can you do something over?!”
“How can I……”Han Jiang’s face。
“I said that you can’t do anything about Qiana.!”
“if……if,Oops,Anyway, no matter how!Can!by!”
Budding,Han Jiang may not do what is excessive to Qiaa,But Qiaa, she didn’t dare to guarantee.!
If Qi Yana treats Hanjiang like her,That Han boy can……
“Okay,You can rest assured,There is a belat。”
Schulkith with small buds:“Bella is not your opponent。”
“I……”Han Jiang Baise said。
“Okay,I will not follow it this time.,Help me take care of good Qi Yana。”
After returning to the room,Qi Yana asked Hanjiang,“What did you just have to talk to the bud??”
“After talking about us there,How to arrange this。”
“Budding,You don’t want to go with us.?”
Sir-laughing smile:“Bronia needs to be inspected,There are so many children here,Hi Lier cares for Roshalia and Lilya,Never need to leave a person,right?”
“That……All right。”
Qi Yana lost,But some are eager。
Earnly a rectum,Gong won the girl,Learn to lie in relationships。
“Then let’s go.。”
After going out,Two people have found a block。
Qi Yanna just reached out,Give a role in the sky。
More than ten seconds,A shadow covered the sun,A huge dragon collapse is falling in front of the two。
Bela is very happy by the Queen Summon,But seeing Hanjiang around the queen is not happy.。
Brazed beasts, but true rectum,I like to express my face and I don’t like all.。