Inside,Gao Biyi looked at the beard in front of him.,The appearance is almost available“Pretty”Middle-aged person,Face does not change color:“Mr. is about to talk about it.,I don’t know why.?”
He found this middle-aged man named Li Zi Dan.,Don’t be deeply interested in your eyes,Watching yourself。
“last year,Semini is in the hands of Wang Ye,I was pressed by the queen.,Does the prince not planning to give us Li Jia a explanation??”
Li Zi Sheng asked,It seems that it seems to be asking for guilty。
Oh,Never think of this?!Gao Biyi has no fluctuations in the heart,Even a bit。
The second brother who was killed by himself,It is the middle-aged person in front of him.。
As for why I want to kill Li Changyi,Not too big, this pool is too big.,In case the hook is hooked,Hawthrough is infinite。
To know,Li Changyi itself is a small three,The same year,It is because this woman is caused.。
Such an unenglad guy,Gao Baoyi has a chance,Of course, a knife,Otherwise, do you stay??
To know,Hig ocean,Nothing can give you a whole thing.。If Li Changyi is by the high ocean,Ha ha,God knows what the two people will come out.,In general,That is big.。
“What is the sister?,Mr. is really don’t know,Still don’t know?
Who is your Majesty?,What temper,Mr. is really don’t know, I don’t know.?
Sister is ambitious,The eyes are staring at the Queen’s position,I don’t move my hand.,I don’t know how to pack it.。”
Li Zi Dan is silent。Gao Biyi has booked the prostitute of Li Zugu with the Queen Li Zuyi.,How to choose each other,In fact, the context is very clear。
strictly speaking,This should be considered by Zhaoji Li’s home.。
Li Zi Dang naturally knows what Li Changyi is in,I really want to make things that are not a day two days.,Besides here today.,Not to fight with Gao Baoyi,on the contrary,Zhao County Li’s West House,Also seek people。
“Stop,People can’t recruit,This matter, our Zhao-gun, Li’s west house, not intended to be investigated.。
Today seek,It is for a big thing to live and die.,Relationship to the safety of Xiangyang Wang。”
Li Zi Dan said that things are big.,But I saw the Gao Baoyi disdain.:“Make a meal,Can’t talk about。
Mr. does not have to be alarmist,Have something to say.。”
See Gao Baoyi oil salt does not enter,Li Zi San also some angle。
This is very important,If it happened,Gao Bi must definitely!
But more likely to be unlucky,It is the West House, Zhao County, Li.!
“Xiangyang King,Don’t want to be bent under。Shang Dang Gao Wei…He intends to change!It will be implemented in the near future.!”
His words,Looked watching Gao Bo Yi’s light expression,Amazing:“Is it not afraid of Fuyang Wang??
The top of the top party has recently intended to communicate with Changzhou Wang Gao Zhan.,You are not afraid that he will kill the door.?
The plain knot is not worried about itself,But you can not be the same.!”
Li Zi Dang said excited。
Gao Biyi and Gao Zi,Almost every people living in Yucheng know。