A human appeared http://www.xingchichuanmei.cn in front of him right now,Naturally won’t miss this opportunity。
Blood soaring。
A very ordinary human fist is deeply plunged into a seven-level monster‘Green scale black mackerel’In the head,Wright pulled out his arm,The bloody sea water spreads,Attracted more attacks from Ocean Monster。
Pike sweep,The tall sea ape staggers http://www.sushidelivery.cn back,Spit out blood in the mouth,The bones in the chest are broken。
Spear straight,With a crocodile head,Claws like dragon claws,But the body is a big monster monster,Indented carapace,But still got killed by a stick。
Spear rotation,Besieged by dozens of giant sandworms,In an instant, the flexible body was broken。
Body flicker,A sea snake with red spots spitting venom,But was easily avoided。
Fire snake,A nearly transparent jellyfish warcraft,Countless tentacle attacks,But the water in the body was evaporated by fire magic。
Ground piercing,The relatively soft belly of the lobster-like monster was pierced。
For a time,Wright’s ferocious attack caused Warcraft to riot,All attacks on the army are slowed down。
“Who is that!”
“So powerful!”
The soldiers and officers of the Fourth Division were even more amazed。