“it is good,We don’t talk about whose responsibility,It’s useless to say that。”
Zhao Luo glanced at her,Fang Na’s temperament is quite big recently。
236 House arrest
“Now you look at the content inside,This is a new game,Do you think it can,We will announce to the company’s investors,Say our game will be available soon。”Fang Na took out the contract from her bag, threw it on the table, and went out。
Zhao Luo kept staringUPan and contract in a daze,Did not open it,Recently he has no thoughts about work。
This time,Almost every day, people take the initiative to invest in the company,He praised his company every day to investors,But apart from that small plot, there are houses under repair,Other businesses are invisible to him。
All business,All only see the contract,but,Where to buy,How to sell,To whom,What is the profit,How big is the scale……He knows nothing,Zhao Luo felt more and more scared and panicked。
Although he lives in a big villa,And driver,On the surface it looks like a boss,Others admire him for being young and promising,But no freedom at all,The driver will follow no matter where you go,Is essentially under house http://www.oppjo.cn arrest,Soft rice is actually not that delicious。
He can’t see the financial statements,I can’t see the ledger,People in the finance room only listen to Fang Na,Zhao Luo is just like a machine,Repeating lies to different people every day that I can’t believe。
Besides,He has nothing else to do,I used to develop games seriously,Now the fear in my heart takes the main place,He doesn’t care about it。
Ye Boping tried to kill Wu Lusheng that day but failed,Unwilling,Waiting at the gate of the community every morning,But I never saw my ex-mother-in-law again。
Zhang Siwei saw it,Go out early and return late every day,There are drivers to pick you up,I didn’t see Xia Shuyue either,what happened?
Ye Boping is upset,Always waiting far away at the gate of the community,Come home late every day。
“Boping,What are you doing every day?”Liu Shuqin saw her son’http://www.azhihua.cns gloomy face all day,Refused to speak,Even more worried。
“Don’t care about my business,I’m doing business with friends。”Ye Boping is a little impatient。