Through various signs, the sacred objects of the mountains are definitely above the three robbery,Even。
As for the Tierarchy,They dare not want to think。
Hierarchical,Definite to sweep the wilderness world,Can fight with the Qing Dynasty。
Compared to the difficulty of taking out the holy object,Obviously perseveving the Kunlun Holy Land is easier。
Continuous practice forces, ask the Kunlun Holy Land。
Wording is more strict than they ask Yaochi, because of the Buddha’s corpse.。
Say,Recently, there is news。
Yaochi Holy Land has always wanted to destroy the reasons for Kunlun Shengtiao,It is because Kunlun Mountain has a thing of Yaochi Holy Land.。
Now it seems,Most of the holy objects of the mountain。
Someone releases the message,Yaochi Holy Land is a big man in Tianship,I didn’t pick up the Kunlun Holy Land.。
Everyone is likely to go to the Yaochi Holy Land.,Give people a gray。
Various rumors of all kinds of true and false。
The pressure of Kunlun Holy Land has a day higher than one day.。
After all, Yaochi Holy Land has a thick,Can be afraid。
Kunlun Holy Land is now only a lot of people who only。
In fact, the rumors about the holy land of Yaochi are the jade realist.,His life is very small,This time is no。
In his opinion,The old ancestors are the people who are not out of the world.,Maybe you can spend five days,For this reason。Even if he can’t see that day,If the ancestors remember his credit,Maybe you can return him back to Zhongdu。
This is a fight,Can we want to be big Fuze。
Although Yaochi Holy Land is terrible,But I can’t give him a return.。
The jade realist is completely letters。
Because of the decision to stand with Kunlun Holy Land,He dares to do these small actions。
Kunlun Holy Land is only his person,Ability to achieve this effect,Let Yaochi Shengmada to the Kunlun Holy Land。
In the demon,About Yaochi Holy Land wants everyone to make cannon ash, and quickly spread。 蜃 蜃 出 大。
It is now the communication flower in the wilderness world.。
Also did the head of a monster,Have a very openness。
Because the curse,It does not have the idea of betraying the old ancestors,More knowing the situation of the past is very good。
It does even have,When the ancestors appear again,Will shock the ancient world。
NS169chapter Gushan Road View