Liu Qingqing, a sound,Remember to come back early。
She didn’t say much more,Slightly unhappy。
Earlier‘Doodle’Sound,Summer put your phone in the respected space。
Hand with his hand,Tap。
Although it is just a short telephone,But let him down the emotions to reach。
He is a person who acts.,Public,Can’t have a depression。
Turn around,Make a big step to the center of the altar。
Last standing above the round,Silently look at the air,Silence and all relatives and friends。
Here,I don’t know the return。
Mystery is standing next to a stone column,Long hair of the waist,Stretching on a spark。
Remember,After going to the main world,The heavens and the earth rules over there are big in the trium,You have to adapt as soon as possible。
Summer Zheng has nodded。
Mysterious man’s hand,Be heavy,At the same time rotation。
All the died of all dimensions on the ground brightly lit up。
But108Root stone,It seems like a burnt iron,Become red。
That is endless blood。
A blood light is shot。
Next second,In the summer, I feel blood in front of you.,I can’t see any scenes.。
啵,A huge torn force,He disappeared in his place。
After he disappeared,The entire altar is still shooting blood,At the same time, rumbling dramatic trembling。
at the same time,The mysterious people are beginning to hunting,The thick long hair of the waist is dancing,Two eyes transition two thorn glaucomes。
Follow,His whole body is almost transparent,Even if wearing clothes,I can feel the inconsistency inside.。
at the same time,A cross-crossing crack appeared in his meter,It is like the mirror is about to break.。
But finally,He still spent the most dangerous stage。
Altar gradually stabilizes,And his body also recovered normal。
at this time,Silent space,Suddenly came to the footsteps,Someone is rapidly brushing。
The speed is very fast,It’s up to float,Soon arrived at the altar。
Ming people。
It is the master。