After all, there are more people to say more easily.,Obviously Li Ping is not like exposure。
Otherwise, the other party will not be so low up.。
Liu Xiang in front of the side is also hilarious。
This matter about Li Hui’s in the Magic, there is still an industry.,He is really unknown.。
He also believes that Li Hui is a rural doll.,Then in rural development。
This time, this show will even want to take the other side.。
I didn’t expect such a place to be a small scene in Li Hui’s eyes.。
At the same time, he also understood why Li Hui has always been so confident.,Nothing。
I have heard these words that Ning Zhi said.,How can he still don’t understand?。
Everything is not enough to look at Li Hui’s eyes.。
After the transfer is successful,Li Hui is not afraid that the other party will run.,Talking directly to the other side,I will continue to leak with Liu toward Liu.。
After walking,Liu Xiangqian is also can’t help but ask:“Xiao Li,The pine tree is clearly dead.,Maximum to make a specimen,Nothing value,Why do you still spend 500,000?”
“Hey-hey,Who said dead?”
Li Hui Feng suddenly took a sentence,Let Liu Xiangpea。
“I just viewed it before.,Tree trunk is definitely dead,The bark outside is a water,In fact, it should be a bit for a moment.。”
“Hey-hey,Liu Premium,The trunk can indeed save,But the tree roots are still alive.,You should know this?
How to say that it is also a for twenty years.,Since you can have this long-lasting year,Vitality is now in the most tenacious time,I feel saved.。”
Heard this,Liu Xiangqian also suddenly understood that he was also lied by Li Hui Feng.。
I didn’t want to make a friend.,Still the idea of hit the tree。
But he saw that Ning Zhi became a touch,I am sincere with Li Hui to make friends.,He suddenly sorrowful。
Even he felt that he was played by Li Hui Feng.。
But this kind of thing is carefully,That Ning Zhi seems to have no loss?,Moreover, Li Hui Feng Sui’s big 佬。
Because this is also his competitor in this time this time.。
Who just grab the advertising position of the gold time?,So as long as the operation is good,After all, I will not lose this.。
“Xiao Li,You are really the behind-the-scenes of the medicine?”
Chapter 114
“Forehead,Nothing behind the scene,In fact, I am not a medication.,Because I gave other people in the shares.。”
This exit,Liu Xiangpei directly stunned。
“Who is it??”
In his heart, this is usually given to others.,And even if you give it to all。
But listening to Li Hui’s meaning,It seems to be all given all.。