So for such big,Even the other temper is good,Gao Biyi is also likewise treating Yang Yu as treating fish.。
Yangfu’s hall,Gao Boi looks at the meat vegetables full of tables,It seems that it is very clear why Yang Hao’s belly is so big.。
This seems to be that the oil is too thick.。
Greasy lamb,And cheese products,All things that let Gao Boyi somewhat nausea。
Summer is so greasy,Gao Baoyi is no appetite,Both chopsticks have not moved。
He doesn’t eat very much,Yang Su naturally doesn’t eat very much,Yang Wei sitting in another table,The face can be a bit ugly。
“You think that the old man is the filial piety,Will poison in the meal?”
Yang Wei is not good as asked。He touched his long,Eyes have been in Gao Baoyi。
Ha ha,Gao Yin is a planned plan,This is no longer secret in the Yicheng right.,But can’t speak publicly。
In order to strive to be a prince,Duan family,It is also very uncommon,There is too much example in history.,Number of numbers。
“Some discomfort in the lower stomach。”
Gao Bao’s apologies apologize,There is no excessive explanation。
Yang Hao pending hands,The servant dishened all the wine.,Then I looked at Yang Su.。
“How is the book read??Needless I need to introduce some famous teachers for you?”
Yang Wei asked cordially。
Yang Shui also,First-class。He said with Yang Wei.:“Kid is now reading in the house,There are many places to be confused,Come back to Zuochemical。
Hundreds of steps after a meal,Kid wants to go out,I don’t know if it is convenient??”
Yang Wei nodded,Yang Shu is directly smoking。
“This child will become a larger。Send you here,Also, the pearl gives a hero.。”He is caressing,Sense double,Meaning。
“At the beginning, adults’ portions of the boy,Remember that the kid always remember??”
“So you will dig this pit,So repaying me?”
Yang Wei did not have a good taste of Gao Baoyi。
Ha ha,How do you talk about this??
Gao Baoyi laughs,No。
“You have always been,Say,There must be a trick behind the public money,Ben supplement。”
Yang Wei is the old rivers and lakes,See the enchanting,Don’t say anything else,Gao Cheng is a bright,Never under high Baoyi。
“I made public money.,In fact, in order to save money,Let more money can be used elsewhere,For example, military affairs,River,Disaster relief。Indeed, some think about no circumference,No consideration for some small places。”
Finish,He saw Yang Hao’s expression calm,Continue to say:“In fact, for officials in Tuen Mun,the biggest problem,They can’t use their own ability to earn public money。Utilize the background of the court,I’m unable to act。
so,Why not let the professional people do professional things??”
Professionals do professional things?