The third place is equally unable to show weakness.,Bright, force forward。
People watching people exclaimed,I didn’t expect the final stage of the game.,It turned out to be a high chartered。
Three people simultaneously attack toward the third place,Fighting out of real fire。
If you look from macro,Almost all selected players,Most of them stop,Reached the limit of their respective limits。
As the first eight-pole holy king has no suspense,Drop the distance from the back of the back,Almost unable to surpass。
The second name of Xue Weidong also opened a small distance behind it.。
Only the third、fourth、Fifth three times,Be desperately desperate。
The third place, Lu Xuan, early detected the ambition of Wu Shu,But with deep into the limit state,He is a bit of power.。
No exhaustive double weight,Let him have a tremble。
His speed is getting slower and slower。
Finally slowly stopped。
He has been deep into so far,Do not believe in the initial repair of Wu Feng Yubi,How can I chase myself?。
When he takes out the jade,I saw it after the invasion,There are two red dots behind still plunder in one before one.。
“This special code”Lu Xuan’s mouth pulled out a slice,I can’t help but stop。
Other seats are small things,Only the third place。
That is the position that I can get the secret of the Qing dynasty。
“Only a battle。”
Lu Xuan came out of a breath,Take advantage of the empty call。
He wants to enter the best state,To put it back in the back!Half,His activities,Quickly adapted to pressure,Remove the jade again,View the two people chasing where。
Just look at it,Face sudden change。
Two red dots among the jade,The speed is actually accelerated at the same time.,With a speed of making him unbelievable。
“return,Can still be fast”Lu Xuan felt extremely unreasonable。
He doesn’t know,Is your own stagnation,Only the two people have accelerated crazy。
Always,Wuhan is hanging behind him,Just waiting for him to achieve the limit?。
Just summer approach,Also let Wuizhou feel a big pressure。
Flip,The colorful clouds have burst out,A pair of colorless double wings stretched out behind the summer。
This pair of wings is completely composed of energy,Crystal Yingyi,Almost transparent,But it contains powerful power。
call out!Summer light exhibition,Wan like a light。
Clamor!A group of outside the mountains。
People really see the speed of summer,Previously miracles,He did not use full。
too fast!Distance from the world of blood,Can also show such a speed,It’s too shocking.。
at the same time,People also see,The front of the Wuzi flutter broke out,He seems to be included in some kind of spirit,Under the skyrocket,Sudden an emergency acceleration,Caused a residual shadow disappeared in the same place。