If you don’t see thousands of military commandes, there are thousands of military movements.,He has long soon to let himself a thousand items cavalry, but now this is also a long history.。
Gao Chang is convinced,Say yourself,The flowers of the flowers,It’s really an endless。Actually, Liu Yu used the box of fire and pure green boxes.。
To know,This tactic,In the early years of North and South,That is, the Northern Wei just opened the country.,And Liu Month,It is used very common。
But when Nanqi,I have basically extracted in the south.,Don’http://www.sxdfzj.cnt say that the north is more horses.,I don’t like this flower whistle tactics at all.。At that time, Northern Wei usually directly on the iron ride.
Why is Gao Biyi not like that day?,Let Wang Lin’s water army cover interference on the Huaihe River,Then I took someone to annihilate this.?
Gonggong thinks,I feel that it should be that Gao Biyi is in hand.。What they have,Can only solve it on the battlefield。Gao Biyi should think so too.
“General,Should we rush??Horses have been put on the horse,I am afraid I can’t keep my physical strength for a long time.。”
A load cavalry whispered in the high-rise and ears。obviously,This is a very understandable guy,It is very clear to the advantages and disadvantages of the installed cavalry.,I also know that now I am open.,Time is not here。
Waiting for the horses of the horse,http://www.ushuai.cnThat’s just want to cry without tears。
“I see,If no one is commanded,What do you like when you attack??”
Gong Gong asked,Some unconfident。
to be honest,Gao Biyi’s previous record is too too awkward.。At this moment, he is just a fifteen-year-old teenager.,Instead of history in the Mountain Battle,Five hundred people dare to call the Lanling King, who is called Zhou Jun.
“We are accustomed to attacking the enemy army,Special left wing。Few directly impact the other middle army。”This deputy will say。
Gao Chang nodded,He is also intuitively thinking that the attack is good.。
But according to what he knows,Gao Biyi this person is accustomed to not follow the route,Will he arrange the heavy soldiers in the left wing??
Because it is impossible,So he only asked,Asked, I will feel some regret later.。
“Command,Cavalry,All impact enemy left wing。Steps attack enemy right wings”
Gao Long Wearing the helmet,Remember this,Still Gao Biyi at the time of Yucheng,Specially customized。
Now we have to wear this helmet,Life and death with Gao Bao,have to say,Destiny sometimes really makes people feel。
After the command is completed,Gao Changqi is completely,How do two thousand people love?,He also commanded that he couldn’t come now, he is to expect himself that this thousand dress cavalry can be used.。
Look at the situation of Dou Yi in the above,When the equipment, the cavalry is facing more than ten times the army.,I have a good force in the battle.,I can even be chopped as a chopper,Enemy defeat the enemy。
Gong Gong doesn’t want any strategy,He has only a long time in his hand.
The horse gradually accelerated,One thousand cavalry is like a sea,Rapid to the left wing of the box
Gao Bo Yi,Yang Su saw that Gao Chang Gong took the equipment and the car was directly toward the left wing.,Cruel smile,Take a black banner of hand,Start crazy dance
Box car window kicks,Bed,Fills will be ready for short bamboo poles,Pointer,On the bed,Prepare shooting
Zhou Jianjie in the back of the car,Open another wooden box,It is a bamboo pole that is ready for Dangdang.,It is sufficient to ensure the ammunition of the bed.。
Looking at the flying,Rapid horse team,Gao Bo Yi takes out a yellow flag,Shake it on the high platform。
Fish and Robel with Zhou Jun’s light ride,Depart from the right wing,It is also the infantry of the enemy’s left-wing.,But he seems to have a circle of people.,It seems that I want to attack from behind。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS534chapter Calling is not a guest to eat
Military situationvSTroops,Who will win this two genre?,Who is more,In fact, I don’t really say it.。
The future generation has Ameijia to Iraq’s desire to fight,There is also a volunteering night attack to keep the US military a dead dog.。One sentence is generally,Game or that game,The winner mainly looks at who the player is。
But overall,The more progress,The more dominant skills。For example, this era is getting a mobile phone.,The advantage of forming is not one or two famous,Depending on your own Wu Yong and the intelligence。
Bamboo pole shot in a box,No armored armor wearing the army,But when the rider shoots down the horse,Gao Chang has known this battle,I can’t win myself.