He pointed to himself,Refers to the Shengtian, who is sitting on one side.,“Remember what I did before?,Essentially,There is no difference between this respect and the second yuan god.,but,That kind of treatment using the second yuan,But when you discuss,Affiliate will be integrated with this。”
Merely,Yuan virtual is a bit of a smoking,“After fusion,The second yuan god all experience,But it is an irrelevant memory.,Don’t say the Qing dynasty,It is your friend’s book.,Will not let the second Yuan god occupy dominant。”
Summer is silent。
About these,How can he think of。
But he didn’t choose,This is a promise as a man friend。
“Unfortunately, I have only one side with the Qing dynasty.,Just a trading of sitting,Can’t tell you,and……Qingyi Holy King is named。”
Summer look。
Gobian also reveals the http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn color,Even if he has not heard the relevant secrets。
“At the hierarchy of the Holy King,Also divided,I remember to tell you.,When the road is beginning to open,There is no soul,But the law automatically evolves,Backward rune,Finally, it is a human form.,This first batch of people,It is called an older。”
Toned,Yuan deficiency,“certainly,The old man does not mean eternal life,After the human form,Also need practice,Qingyi Holy King is better than I have to be strong,Not exaggerated,She is even the strongest of all the holy princes!”
Summer and Gof Sword,I saw the shock in my eyes.。
“That than the previous generation.?”
Yuan is blinking,“If the debt,Ten me can’t play the Qing dynasty,Even some of your roads in the world,Not necessarily the opponent of the Qing dynasty。”
Summer and Gogjian is more shocking,The heart is in the heart。
It’s stronger than the Lord?
Is the Holy King not a top spot in a practice system??
Can no further,Although the status is the same,The realm is a low level.。
Both people can’t understand,Qingyi Holy King will be strong to soland!
Yuan virtual suddenly opens,Brow,“I seem to have seen some Qingyi Holy King’s record on one side of the ancient volume.,You live here,I also cheer and check http://www.honghaibo.cn those information.,Maybe help you。”
“Thank you for your seniors.!”
Summer rushing to thank you。
I have a few days, it is no problem.,But the two have not forgotten,There is still one thing that does not work。
“senior,When we enter the cosmic storm area,I have encountered a mining team,They are tired by us.,You look at……”
“Ha ha,That is just a small thing.。”
Yuan Ziro smiled,Follow you,“There is also this event,Sorry, handle it.。”
Stone,Cold and humid。
The old ancient ten people are sitting in the earth,The body is still chained with a chain,Let their blood is not smooth,Can’t resist the neutral cold in the stone。
“Old ancient,US,Can we go out??”
Tang fire, pale,Full of horror,Double eye flow is helpless and hard。