The Gao Queye, who is not disciased, coming to Gao Bao.,But I found that the atmosphere is like a peaceful general before the storm.,People palpitations。
Recommendation, \!
“Don’t run here here,I am going to prepare for saving people.。”
Gao Bi is too lazy to take care of this incident and not enough guy.,Search with Wang Jun two。 Save people?Save why?
Gao Yiyi face,But I found that Gao Bo Yi and Wang Jun were all walking away.,Can’t help but。
He is finally aware that he is actually a waste.,Um,Although it is slightly late, then a little bit。
The rain outside is gradually small.,Gao Chang Gong took people around the hill,But now, no one, I don’t think about resting in the camp.,Near thousand people,They are stupid, generally look at the water levels that gradually increase in the hills.!
They are all people of Yucheng,I have never seen such a fierce flood,I am afraid that the mountain top is also flooded.。
“What are you doing?,Cut tree,Fire,Take the board room for rain,Take food from the food!Prepare some rope,Waiting to go to the water!”
Gao Biyi smashed a sentence,All people are awakened,Agency,Every busy。
“Boish brother,look,How to deal with now?”
Silang did not move the sound and asked。
Mountain flood,River,Both burst,Completely don’t care about their things。
on the contrary,Too much interference,Will also make high ocean heart guess。Gao Changgong lives in high pressure,Naturally, there will be no distinctive thought。He is not like a high-spirited dog。
only,As soon as the situation is so developed,Bring a big jingle?
Silang faintly felt that it is not very appropriate。But the army interferes with local government affairs,This is also a big taboo。
“Rencheng has a ship,And the city。I am going to ask someone to serve as a city,I hope they can send boats to go to the water.,Transferring food and victims,At that time, let’s go to Rencheng Gu.。After the situation, I will take the boat and go down to Qizhou.。”
Gao Boyi doesn’t know where,But he knows,Jining’s name,It is because there never been flooded by the water of the Jihe in history there.!Because the terrain there is really high,A pattern like a hill reans。Now Ren City is a district of future impersonal,It must not be flooded there。
and,Rencheng rely against the Weishan Lake,Water transportation,Grain warehouse。Although Gao Biyi has no understanding of the government of North Qi,I also know,This is the harvest,Mountain flood,Ren City is this unique custom sea.。
Ren City is not available,This disaster is removed halfway。As for now in Jeju’s Fu City,Nothing in history,It is definitely buried in a big flood.,Gao Biyi will not go there to risk?。
soon,Gao Yu will understand what Gao Bao said to save people.。
People living in this generation,Equivalent to floods。That thousand people on the mountain,Taking a tongue looking at a small boat,Tub,Even wooden boards drifted,I understand that Gao Baoyi makes them prepare the meaning of rope.。
“Playing wooden pile in the earth,Make a pontoon out,Lost rope has caused those people!”
“Old rule,Do not drink water,Drinking people,Let him go directly!”
“Don’t save people,Rope!Don’t take yourself in.。”
Gao Boyi only does not move,Command him from hundreds of people。Gao Gong,Wang Yuansun’s three people who are responsible for the other sides of the hills are the Ji River.,Water flow is too large,I have given up treatment。Wang Jun is a commander cooking porridge,Cut tree to make woodworking to build a room。
The people coming in front are rich.,Drag people are still relatively calm,Even with a can accommodate more than 10 people“Boat”of。Behind it is,Holding the root wood directly。
An old iron is hard to swim to the hills,Waiting for people to drag the shore with a rope,It’s a breath.。
“Disaster,Survival is really not easy。”Gao Bo Yi felt a sentence。
But looking at refugees around the aquatic bun,In the heart。
Flood is ruthless,It’s a day of embarrassment.,Do your best,His Gao Biyi can save so many people,Oh, you are fortunate.。
Although these people are definitely only a small part of the disaster。
At this moment,A big boat on the Jihe,Probably because people have more overloaded,The boatman is carefully manipulating the boat swaying toward the hill.,As a result, a big wave came to the boat.!
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