Gao Bao,Some uncomfortable roads。
“Go ahead,The old man is tired。”
After the Gao Bao, Zhao Wei,A person sits before the table,Like the sculpture is generally moving。
He is sitting like a child.,Its eldest son Zhao Zhong will quietly come to the front of the study,Slight at the door:“The Changshan Wangfu Chang Hi Wang Yu visits late at night,Do you want to see it??”
Oil lamp,Zhao Yin’s mouth hangs hangs,Ambient:“Bring someone,Do not speak。”
Wang Hao is a friend who is high performance and believes.,Hardcore,He came to Zhao Yin in the middle of the night.,I can’t guess what to use with ass!
Zhao Yin sorted up the clothes,Before sitting in the case,I am too lazy to go out to welcome。After Wang Wei coming in,He is still a plate,One sentence is not。
“What is the thing to come in the middle of the night??”
Zhao Yin Shen asked。
“The Prince is unfortunately,This life and death,Special rescue Zhao Gong。”
Wang Hao’s hand。
“The Changshan King’s Two Birds is really wonderful.,Old man admire。”
Zhao Yin is admire,There is no smile on the face.。
“Zhao Gong’s poor words,Changshan Wang is to see Zhao Gong is difficult to rescue。As for the prince being stabbed,There is no half relationship with the Queen Wangfu。
Although Zhao Gong is high,But the meal can be eaten,But can’t be chaotic。”
Wang Yiyi’s words,Strictly rebuening Zhao Yin。
The scene in the study is very embarrassing.,Both people look at,Competing with relative。
Finally, Zhao Yin sighed and asked.:“Changshan Wang wants to do anything?”
“Most small national doubts,Whether it is a high mount or Takarronyl,邺城 难免 will have a hurricane。Please Zhao Gong is engraving into the palace.,To the words,Landli Mountain King is a prince,Bao Yao Jiangshan!”
Wang Hao is a voice,It seems that this is what saves the country’s magnificent。Zhao Yin didn’t care about it.:“If,You will drop the stone to the old man?”
“Will not,Zhao Gong is a person who is highly looking forward to,The royal family will do that.。But we don’t do it.,Don’t do anything else。Since Zhao Gong is not willing to cooperate with Changshan Wang Tong Road,Then we have to love it.。”
Wang Wei’s voice。
Party,Since ancient times,There is no strange place。Since you are not willing to vote,We don’t kill you, you are already kind.,Do you still think that we pull one??
“Prince’s death,Everything is waiting until the case is clear.。Colorless,The old man will not stay the history of the prince.。”
Zhao Wei directly underwent,Not a little bit。
After Wang Wei left,Zhao Yin finds the eldest son Zhao Zhongwei,Whisper:“Close guest,Apex,I am at home,Inconvenience。”
See your father’s face tired,Zhao Zhong will be confused:“What is my father??”
“Prince,My heart is told,You have also worked recently.,Chartered,First fake at home。If someone asked,You have to take care of me at home.,No one will do more!”
Zhao Zhong will nod,Did you understand the seriousness of the situation。He quietly left,Take the door of the study。
“Everyone has jumped out.,how to do,Can’t turn into a chaos thief.?”
Zhao Yin lived his face,Falling into great troubles