Just sitting here for a night??
Meiqin sighed,Before, the nightmare was still echoing in my mind.,Let her not bear to review,She doesn’t want to think about it.,It can be a brain as if you don’t listen to yourself.,Still echoing the scene like a slide。
Broken goggles,Evil, white hair devil,Countless,And the close mechanical discourse。
“Why do you participate in such an experiment??Will be killed!why?You are alive.!Both have life.!”
“Because of the alternative to being manufactured for planning,Artificial body,Artificial heart,It is an experimental supplies that require only 180,000 yen.。so,There is nothing to die, but it is a pity.。”
Is that right?Meiqin,It’s hard in the heart as if you want to cry.,But there is no tear,As if the tears in my heart dry。
Know the ice cream very delicious,Black tea is very good,Kitten cat is very cute,Badge is very naive you,Will it be a machine with no feelings??
how can that be http://www.muyujob.cn possible?
Since you know,That’s also why you want to send it??
Mechanic’s heart is crazy shouting,But even if you call a thousand times 10,000 times,I have no way to answer themselves.。
In front of you slightly,A slim shadow blocked some of the sun。
“It seems that you already know planned.。”Indifference,I don’t know if I have a sigh, I am sigh.。
Meiqin minimally lifted the head,Dark blue short hair is quietly looking at yourself,The creepy eyes flashed in a deep。
樋口 Pharmaceutical Seventh Pharmacy Research Center。
“Kaya。”Ten refers to the Qing Palace,Quickly tap on the keyboard,A string code and information on the screen in front of you,“Password, you have already cracked it.?”
“Be right。”In the mind,Yunchukiya’s voice sounded,“Has been crackled,oneaLevel password is not http://www.gzballs.cn too difficult,Although this plan is normal, although it will not exceedaclass,But shouldn’t you let me crack?,maybe”
“Some people want me to crack。”Qinggang faint smile,“The idea of the chairman’s adult is really unpredictable.。”
“clear”Yunchuku Yaisi hesitated in his mind.,“Even if the fantasy network is not possible, it is calm and returned.,I know that the idea is still doing this.,Don’t you have problems??”
“Will not。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Face is a bit faint,“At least I am doing now,He wants me to do it.,Though,No problem。”
“leader?”Yunchuku Yaroad asked a sentence。
“fine。”Qing Palace gently wiped the mouth,Assembling in the mind,“Is your password ready??”
“good。”Qing Palace nodded,Ten fingers,soon,The computer’s page has become a page to enter the password.。
“She indeed deleted information on mass production capacity。”The Qing Palace is gently squinted,“but,The absolute ability of the absolute powerful plan should not be deleted.。”
“8moon16day,9983arrive9988Number of experiment”Read the information on the screen carefully,It is silent in the Qing Dynasty.。
No wonder9982arrive10032Between just a few days